[HOWTO] - Radeon's TV-Out working on PowerMacs


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Submitted by Paul Wieland

As far as I know this works for both PCI and AGP ATI Radeons that have a TV-Output. I am using a PCI Radeon in my G4 in OS 10.1 [I have no idea if this works in prior versions of OSX]. I updated the firmware rom to the latest version.

Shutdown your computer. Hookup the S-Video out to your TV, Receiver or VCR and hook the VGA to your primary monitor [if you are running a multiple monitor setup].

Turn your computer and TV on and log into OSX. Open up your monitors control panel scroll up on the list of available resolutions. Select one of the resolutions that says "simulscan" next to it.

Your primary display should be mirrored on the TV. TVs only support very low resolutions, in this case you will be running at 640x480 or 800x600. You can now play a DVD on your primary monitor and it will be displayed on the TV.

Gone in 60 Seconds at 35 inches is a lot more impressive than at 19

See this article if you are having any problems: