HP 2100 and Mac OS 10.4 Issue


I have a Mac Mini with Mac OS 10.4 installed. I am connecrting to a HP LaserJet 2100 printer over our LAN network. The printer is connected to another PC (through the serial port) on the network running Windows. The Windows PC has the printer shared on the network.

The printer is only a 2100 and not a 2100M. It does not have an ethernet port. I am able to connect to the printer but whenever I try and print I get jibberish. I have updated the driver from HP's website but to no avail.

Please help me to get the Mac to talk to the printer properly.

Thanks in advance,
I found the solution to not just the HP LaserJet 2100 but to a lot fo old HP printer drivers for Mac OS X. The following is the website where the driver can be found:
The list of supported printers can be found at:
I ahve included the supported list of printers below so that people can find this post when searching for their printers.

Supported Printers
Apollo P-2100
Apollo P-2150
Apollo P-2200
Apollo P-2250
Apollo P-2500
Apollo P-2550
Apollo P-2600
Apollo P-2650
Brother HL-10h
Brother HL-660
Brother HL-760
Brother HL-960
Brother HL-1050
Brother HL-1060
Brother HL-1070
Brother HL-1250
Brother HL-1260
Brother HL-1270N
Brother HL-1430
Brother HL-1440
Brother HL-1450
Brother HL-1470N
Brother HL-1650
Brother HL-1660e
Brother HL-1670N
Brother HL-1850
Brother HL-1870N
Brother HL-2060
Brother HL-2400CeN
Brother HL-2600CN
Brother HL-3400CN
Brother HL-3450CN
Brother HL-5030
Brother HL-5040
Brother HL-5050
Brother HL-5070N
Brother HL-5140
Brother HL-5150D
Brother HL-5170DN
Canon GP 335
Canon LBP-430
Canon LBP-1000
Canon LBP-1260
Canon LBP-1760
Canon imageRunner 330s
Epson AcuLaser C1900
Epson AcuLaser C1900PS
Epson AcuLaser C2000
Epson AcuLaser C2000PS
Epson AcuLaser C4000
Epson AcuLaser C4000PS
Epson AcuLaser C4100
Epson AcuLaser C4100PS
Epson AcuLaser C8500
Epson AcuLaser C8500PS
Epson AcuLaser C8600
Epson AcuLaser C8600PS
Epson EPL-5700
Epson EPL-5800
Epson EPL-5800PS
Epson EPL-5900
Epson EPL-5900PS
Epson EPL-6100
Epson EPL-6100PS
Epson EPL-N1600
Epson EPL-N1600PS
Epson EPL-N2050
Epson EPL-N2050+
Epson EPL-N2050PS
Epson EPL-N2050PS+
Epson EPL-N2120
Epson EPL-N2500
Epson EPL-N2500PS
Epson EPL-N2750
Epson EPL-N2750PS
Fujitsu PrintPartner 10V
Fujitsu PrintPartner 16DV
Fujitsu PrintPartner 20W
Generic PCL 5c Printer
Generic PCL 5e Printer
Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer
HP 2000C
HP 2500C
HP 2500CM
HP Business Inkjet 1100
HP Business Inkjet 1200
HP Business Inkjet 2200
HP Business Inkjet 2230
HP Business Inkjet 2250
HP Business Inkjet 2250TN
HP Business Inkjet 2280
HP Business Inkjet 2300
HP Business Inkjet 2600
HP Business Inkjet 2800
HP Business Inkjet 3000
HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1160
HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1700
HP Color LaserJet 5
HP Color LaserJet 5M
HP Color LaserJet 2500
HP Color LaserJet 2550
HP Color LaserJet 3500
HP Color LaserJet 3550
HP Color LaserJet 3700
HP Color LaserJet 4500
HP Color LaserJet 4550
HP Color LaserJet 4600
HP Color LaserJet 4650
HP Color LaserJet 5000
HP Color LaserJet 5500
HP Color LaserJet 5550
HP Color LaserJet 8500
HP Color LaserJet 8550GN
HP Color LaserJet 9500
HP ColorLaserJet 9500 MFP
HP DesignJet ColorPro CAD
HP DeskJet 350C
HP DeskJet 400
HP DeskJet 420C
HP DeskJet 450
HP DeskJet 500
HP DeskJet 500C
HP DeskJet 505J Plus
HP DeskJet 510
HP DeskJet 520
HP DeskJet 540C
HP DeskJet 600
HP DeskJet 610C
HP DeskJet 610CL
HP DeskJet 612C
HP DeskJet 630C
HP DeskJet 632C
HP DeskJet 640C
HP DeskJet 648C
HP DeskJet 656C
HP DeskJet 660C
HP DeskJet 670C
HP DeskJet 670TV
HP DeskJet 672C
HP DeskJet 680C
HP DeskJet 682C
HP DeskJet 690C
HP DeskJet 692C
HP DeskJet 693C
HP DeskJet 694C
HP DeskJet 695C
HP DeskJet 697C
HP DeskJet 810C
HP DeskJet 812C
HP DeskJet 815C
HP DeskJet 816C
HP DeskJet 825C
HP DeskJet 830C
HP DeskJet 832C
HP DeskJet 840C
HP DeskJet 841C
HP DeskJet 842C
HP DeskJet 843C
HP DeskJet 845C
HP DeskJet 850C
HP DeskJet 855C
HP DeskJet 870C
HP DeskJet 880C
HP DeskJet 882C
HP DeskJet 890C
HP DeskJet 895C
HP DeskJet 916C
HP DeskJet 920C
HP DeskJet 930C
HP DeskJet 932C
HP DeskJet 933C
HP DeskJet 934C
HP DeskJet 935C
HP DeskJet 940C
HP DeskJet 948C
HP DeskJet 950C
HP DeskJet 952C
HP DeskJet 955C
HP DeskJet 957C
HP DeskJet 959C
HP DeskJet 960C
HP DeskJet 970C
HP DeskJet 975C
HP DeskJet 980C
HP DeskJet 990C
HP DeskJet 995C
HP DeskJet 1100C
HP DeskJet 1120C
HP DeskJet 1125C
HP DeskJet 1200C
HP DeskJet 1220C
HP DeskJet 1600C
HP DeskJet 3320
HP DeskJet 3325
HP DeskJet 3420
HP DeskJet 3425
HP DeskJet 3520
HP DeskJet 3528
HP DeskJet 3535
HP DeskJet 3550
HP DeskJet 3558
HP DeskJet 3650
HP DeskJet 3658
HP DeskJet 3668
HP DeskJet 3740
HP DeskJet 3810
HP DeskJet 3816
HP DeskJet 3820
HP DeskJet 3822
HP DeskJet 3840
HP DeskJet 3845
HP DeskJet 5150
HP DeskJet 5158
HP DeskJet 5160
HP DeskJet 5550
HP DeskJet 5551
HP DeskJet 5650
HP DeskJet 5652
HP DeskJet 5670
HP DeskJet 5740
HP DeskJet 5850
HP DeskJet 6122
HP DeskJet 6127
HP DeskJet 6520
HP DeskJet 6540
HP DeskJet 6600
HP DeskJet 6800
HP DeskJet 6840
HP DeskJet 9300
HP DeskJet 9600
HP DeskJet 9800
HP LaserJet 4
HP LaserJet 4 Plus
HP LaserJet 4L
HP LaserJet 4M
HP LaserJet 4ML
HP LaserJet 4P
HP LaserJet 4Si
HP LaserJet 4V
HP LaserJet 4V/4LJ Pro
HP LaserJet 5
HP LaserJet 5L
HP LaserJet 5M
HP LaserJet 5MP
HP LaserJet 5P
HP LaserJet 5Si
HP LaserJet 6
HP LaserJet 6L
HP LaserJet 6MP
HP LaserJet 6P
HP LaserJet 1010
HP LaserJet 1012
HP LaserJet 1015
HP LaserJet 1100
HP LaserJet 1100A
HP LaserJet 1150
HP LaserJet 1160
HP LaserJet 1200
HP LaserJet 1220
HP LaserJet 1300
HP LaserJet 1320
HP LaserJet 2100
HP LaserJet 2100M
HP LaserJet 2200
HP LaserJet 2300
HP LaserJet 2410
HP LaserJet 2420
HP LaserJet 2430
HP LaserJet 3015
HP LaserJet 3020
HP LaserJet 3030
HP LaserJet 3200
HP LaserJet 3200m
HP LaserJet 3200se
HP LaserJet 3300 MFP
HP LaserJet 3310 MFP
HP LaserJet 3320 MFP
HP LaserJet 3320N MFP
HP LaserJet 3330 MFP
HP LaserJet 3380
HP LaserJet 4000
HP LaserJet 4050
HP LaserJet 4100
HP LaserJet 4200
HP LaserJet 4250
HP LaserJet 4300
HP LaserJet 4345 mfp
HP LaserJet 4350
HP LaserJet 5000
HP LaserJet 5100
HP LaserJet 8000
HP LaserJet 8100
HP LaserJet 8150
HP LaserJet 9000
HP LaserJet 9000 MFP
HP LaserJet 9040 MFP
HP LaserJet 9050
HP LaserJet 9050 MFP
HP LaserJet 9055 MFP
HP LaserJet 9065 MFP
HP Mopier 240
HP Mopier 320
HP OfficeJet
HP OfficeJet 300
HP OfficeJet 330
HP OfficeJet 350
HP OfficeJet 500
HP OfficeJet 520
HP OfficeJet 570
HP OfficeJet 580
HP OfficeJet 590
HP OfficeJet 600
HP OfficeJet 610
HP OfficeJet 625
HP OfficeJet 630
HP OfficeJet 635
HP OfficeJet 700
HP OfficeJet 710
HP OfficeJet 720
HP OfficeJet 725
HP OfficeJet 4100
HP OfficeJet 4105
HP OfficeJet 4110
HP OfficeJet 4115
HP OfficeJet 4200
HP OfficeJet 5105
HP OfficeJet 5110
HP OfficeJet 5110xi
HP OfficeJet 5500
HP OfficeJet 6100
HP OfficeJet 6105
HP OfficeJet 6110
HP OfficeJet 6150
HP OfficeJet 6200
HP OfficeJet 7100
HP OfficeJet 7110
HP OfficeJet 7130
HP OfficeJet 7140
HP OfficeJet 7200
HP OfficeJet 7300
HP OfficeJet 7400
HP OfficeJet 9100
HP OfficeJet D125
HP OfficeJet D135
HP OfficeJet D145
HP OfficeJet D155
HP OfficeJet G55
HP OfficeJet G85
HP OfficeJet G95
HP OfficeJet K60
HP OfficeJet K60xi
HP OfficeJet K80
HP OfficeJet K80xi
HP OfficeJet LX
HP OfficeJet Pro 1150C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1170C
HP OfficeJet Pro 1175C
HP OfficeJet R40
HP OfficeJet R45
HP OfficeJet R60
HP OfficeJet R65
HP OfficeJet R80
HP OfficeJet T45
HP OfficeJet T65
HP OfficeJet V40
HP OfficeJet V40xi
HP PSC 370
HP PSC 380
HP PSC 500
HP PSC 750
HP PSC 750xi
HP PSC 950
HP PSC 950xi
HP PSC 1100
HP PSC 1110
HP PSC 1200
HP PSC 1205
HP PSC 1210
HP PSC 1300
HP PSC 1310
HP PSC 1600
HP PSC 2110
HP PSC 2150
HP PSC 2170
HP PSC 2175
HP PSC 2210
HP PSC 2300
HP PSC 2350
HP PSC 2400
HP PSC 2500
HP PhotoSmart 140
HP PhotoSmart 240
HP PhotoSmart 320
HP PhotoSmart 370
HP PhotoSmart 2600
HP PhotoSmart 2700
HP PhotoSmart 7150
HP PhotoSmart 7260
HP PhotoSmart 7268
HP PhotoSmart 7345
HP PhotoSmart 7350
HP PhotoSmart 7400
HP PhotoSmart 7550
HP PhotoSmart 7660
HP PhotoSmart 7760
HP PhotoSmart 7960
HP PhotoSmart 8100
HP PhotoSmart 8400
HP PhotoSmart 8700
HP PhotoSmart P100
HP PhotoSmart P130
HP PhotoSmart P230
HP PhotoSmart P1000
HP PhotoSmart P1100
HP PhotoSmart P1115
HP PhotoSmart P1215
HP PhotoSmart P1218
HP PhotoSmart P1315
HP e-printer e20
IBM Infoprint 12
IBM Page Printer 3112
Infotec 4651 MF
Kyocera FS-600
Kyocera FS-600 (KPDL-2)
Kyocera FS-680
Kyocera FS-800
Kyocera FS-1000
Kyocera FS-1000+
Kyocera FS-1010
Kyocera FS-1050
Kyocera FS-1200
Kyocera FS-1600
Kyocera FS-1600+
Kyocera FS-1700
Kyocera FS-1700+
Kyocera FS-1750
Kyocera FS-1800
Kyocera FS-1800+
Kyocera FS-1900
Kyocera FS-3600
Kyocera FS-3600+
Kyocera FS-3700
Kyocera FS-3700+
Kyocera FS-3750
Kyocera FS-3800
Kyocera FS-5800C
Kyocera FS-5900C
Kyocera FS-6500
Kyocera FS-6500+
Kyocera FS-6700
Kyocera FS-7000
Kyocera FS-7000+
Kyocera FS-8000C
Kyocera FS-9000
Kyocera FS-9100DN
Kyocera FS-9500DN
Kyocera KM-1530
Kyocera KM-1810
Kyocera KM-2030
Kyocera KM-2530
Kyocera KM-3530
Kyocera KM-4230
Kyocera KM-4530
Kyocera KM-5230
Kyocera KM-5530
Kyocera KM-6230
Lexmark Optra E
Lexmark Optra E+
Minolta PagePro 6
Minolta PagePro 6e
Minolta PagePro 6ex
Minolta PagePro 8
Minolta PagePro 1100
NEC SuperScript 660i
NEC SuperScript 1800
Okidata OL410e
Okidata OL810ex
Okidata Okipage 6e
Okidata Okipage 6ex
Okidata Okipage 8p
Okidata Okipage 10e
Okidata Okipage 10ex
Okidata Okipage 14ex
Okidata Super 6e
Ricoh Aficio 220
Ricoh Aficio 401
Ricoh Aficio 700
Samsung ML-85
Samsung ML-1250
Samsung ML-1450
Samsung ML-1450PS
Samsung ML-1650
Samsung ML-1651N
Samsung ML-1750
Samsung ML-2150
Samsung ML-2150PS
Samsung ML-2151N
Samsung ML-2151NPS
Samsung ML-2152W
Samsung ML-2152WPS
Samsung ML-2550
Samsung ML-2551N
Samsung ML-2552W
Samsung ML-4600
Samsung ML-5000a
Samsung ML-6000/6100
Samsung ML-7000/7000P/7000N
Samsung ML-7050
Samsung ML-7300
Samsung ML-7300N
Samsung QL-5100A
Samsung QL-6050
Sharp AR-161
Sony IJP-V100
Xerox Able 1406
Xerox DocuPrint 4508
I downloaded the recommended linux software, but the printer still won't work - when I hit the print button, the document spools as if being sent to the printer, but then disappears.
If all else fails, www.printer.com can advise you on a great new printer. =) There is a lot of camparison information and details on ink.


Eric Rivas

Forgive me, but this reeks of a spam post. Have you asked for permission from the forum admin to post this link (especially being that it's your first post on this site)? It's part of the board rules.

All of the printers mentioned in this thread are supported by Gutenprint for Mac OS X. Thus, there is no need for a new printer, unless the printer is damaged one way or another.