HP 5000 Designjet print problem


we have a designjet on the network...
running Mac os10 - I cannot get it to print, keep getting an error
{the process "pictwpstops" stopped unexpectedly with status 1}

it used to work - before a "tech guy" came in and started jumbling things around... note my frustration? -
the HP 5000 works fine from the PC and I can run other printers from the Mac... just not the HP


Debbie, try repairing permissions (Disk Utility) then restart the MAc, then delete and re-ADD the printer in Printer Setup/Print Center.
I will attempt to do that Monday... I'm an old mac user (last OS used was 8.6) i've been corrupted by PCs for the last 5 years and now I don't know the first thing about trouble shooting on a Mac anymore... I'm coming back.