Hp Inkjet/crashing/os9.1


imac wont let printer print. consistently crashes.
"unmapped memory exception" is cited sometimes. usually though, after the dialog box pops in and out, informing me the page/s are spooling i see that ominous white rectangle that never fills in -- freeze. i believe that through my extensions, I'm stepping on the printer's toes, but cant figure out how to execute the operation. help!


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
Go to Hard Drive>System Folder>Preferences.
Go to the view menu and select by list.
Trash all the printer preference files including the HP files.
Restart the computer and immediately hold down the Option and the Apple Keys
Continue to hold down those keys until you get a dialog box asking if you wish to do a desktop rebuild.
That dialog box will appear after the extensions load at the bottom of your screen.
When the dialog box comes up, release the keys, click on okay.
When that is done, empty the trash, Go to the Chooser to make sure you printer is selected.
Now give it a test print.