HP Laserjet won't print


I've been having trouble printing with my HP Laserjet 1320 series printer from my eMac ever since I installed Tiger on it. Whenever I try to print something, it opens the printer application and the jobs are stopped. When I start the jobs, the little candy-cane progress bar moves for about four seconds while it says "sending information" and then it stops. Just as if nothing happened with all the jobs stopped.

I tried using the same printer on two iBooks and it works perfectly. One iBook uses Tiger and the other uses Panther. I don't think it's a printer problem.

I have also downloaded the printer driver from the HP website and the problem still persists.

I've been talking to various support people about this issue and they are kind of stumped as well. One told me to locate where the printer drivers are, but I couldn't find them in any of the folders.
Consider the following ...

01. With the eMac and iBook (with 'Tiger' installed) turned OFF, connect the two Macs via a Firewire cable.
02. Turn ON the iBook with the 'T' key pressed, releasing the key after the Firewire symbol appears.
03. Turn ON the eMac. When its 'Desktop' appears - so should the iBook as a volume (hard disk drive).
04. On the eMac - open the '/Library/Printers/' folder on each the eMac and iBook.
05. Each window should display a 'HP' (or equivalent) folder. I will assume here it is 'HP'. Rename the eMac's 'HP' folder to 'HP_'.
06. Drag the 'HP' folder from the iBook's '/Library/Printers/' window to the eMac's '/Library/Printers/' window.
07. Close both '/Library/Printers/' windows.
08. Open the '~/Library/Printers/' folder on each the eMac and iBook.
09. If any HP model printer application exists in the eMac's '~/Library/Printers/' folder's window rename it, by adding an '_' to the end of it.
10.(see 'Note:' below) Drag whatever HP model printer application that exists in the iBook's '~/Library/Printers/' window to the eMac's '~/Library/Printers/' window.
11.Drag the iBook's icon to the eMac's trash can, wait until the icon disappears, disconnect the Firewire cable from both Macs, and turn OFF the iBook.
12.Reboot the eMac, try to print, report back your results.

You can omit Step 10. and continue through Steps 11. and 12.
You will then have to select 'Finder's 'System Preferences' menu item, click on the 'Print & Fax' utility, click on the 'Printing' tab, click on the '+' symbol - and start the process of finding and selecting your model of HP printer, etc.

I suggest you follow Steps 01. through 12 first. If the printer fails to be accessible (listed via an applications 'Print...' menu item's drop down sheet's 'Printer:' popup menu) or print (if accessible - via the 'Printer:' popup menu), go to the '~/Library/Printers/' folder and rename the HP model printer application (the one dragged over from the iBook, by adding an '_' to the end of it), and then peform the 'Finder's 'System Preferences' 'Print & Fax' 'Printing' tab procedure in the previous sentence.


P.S. If you can now print on the eMac, return to the '/Library/Printers/' folder and trash the 'HP_' (or equivalent) folder, as well as the renamed application (with the '_' added to it) in the '~/Library/Printers/' folder.