HP Photosmart 230 Driver Installation Issues


I recently purchased an HP Photosmart 230 printer. After downloading the latest drivers for it from the HP website (version 2.5.6), I installed it successfully on my Powerbook G4, and proceeded to install it on my 2 Ghz iMac G5. Having run the installer with apparent success, I opened the printer setup utility, added a new printer, selected my photosmart 230, clicked the "More Printers" button (as my printer did not appear in the "Formal" list of hp drivers), selected the freshly appeared "hp imaging connectivity" category in the printer browser, and attempted to add the photosmart 230 drivers. I then received error code -9672, and my printer could not be added. Help is requested.
The new Tiger HP drivers are on the Tiger DVD.
to install any of the optional printer drivers after installing Mac OS X, insert the Install disc into your computer and use Optional Installs.

Insert your Mac OS X 10.4 Install disc.
Double-click the "Optional Installs.mpkg."
choose printer drivers
Then select HP.
Now follow the prompts.

You should be able to select the 240 series and be able to print.
Make sure you set the Print Setup to the small paper size. You will not be able to print otherwise.