Hp Psc 1610 Errors


I'm using Mac OSX 10.3.9

From what appears to be out of the blue, my PSC 1610 printer no longer works. It worked well for many months.

I first noticed the problem from within Entourage. The error referred to an empty color ink cartridge. When I replaced it, the problem persisted, but this time was nondescript (printer error).

I removed the printer via OSX's printer utility and then tried to add it back from there, upon which I got an error
"an error occurred while trying to add the selected printers"

When I try to install the all-in-one software from the CD, I am blocked from doing so.
Error: "the software to be installed requires Administrator or higher access priviledges"

I am accessing it via the main account, which is definitely an admin account with full priviledges. It even says "admin" under the name in the Accounts control panel. I tried a different password and verified that the account name and password are correct, but that the priviledges (admin level) associated with that account are not being recognized.

When I try to reinstall the printer drivers via the HP setup assistant, installed on the computer in the HP folder, it crashes.

I tried swapping USB cables. That doesn't change anything. I've restarted the printer.. no change. I've rebooted the computer.. no change.


additional info:
I tried connecting my PC XP laptop to the printer using the same cable and it immediately started printing. Looks like a Mac issue for sure.
I have just experienced thee same issue. Seems like after doing some Entourage setup and configuration of accounts, I am no longer able to print, nor install any new software including replacement drivers for my HP deskjet printer.

Most alarming is how none of my administrator accounts are able to perform software updates or installs. Also, I noticed that my hard drive label was changed to some strange title like a revision name - a series of letters followed by a series of digits (don't recall the exact string).

I am using OS 10.3.9 on an eMac, with an hp deskjet 3550 printer. I recently installed an educational version of Office 2004 which has been working flawlessly for about 2 months. Only after setting up Entourage for the first time have I seen any issues.

Important note: before deleting my printer for reinstallation, I was able to print a test page from the printer utility. This was strange, since I could not print from applications like word or appleworks.

I need help with this one also, and found the prior entry to mirror my experience exactly.

Thank you!
All right... I found a solution.

I rebooted from the original system disk, and selected Disk Repair instead of continuing with the system installation. Then I had the repair utility do a check for disk permissions and it found many that were "wrong" - several Entourage, printer and user access permissions were bad.

I selected to repair permissions and after it finished and I rebooted, the problem was gone - I could re-install the printer driver and use the printer from Word.

Hope this works for you as well.