Hp Psc 1610 Errors


I'm using Mac OSX 10.3.9

From what appears to be out of the blue, my PSC 1610 printer no longer works. It worked well for many months.

I first noticed the problem from within Entourage. The error referred to an empty color ink cartridge. When I replaced it, the problem persisted, but this time was nondescript (printer error).

I removed the printer via OSX's printer utility and then tried to add it back from there, upon which I got an error
"an error occurred while trying to add the selected printers"

When I try to install the all-in-one software from the CD, I am blocked from doing so.
Error: "the software to be installed requires Administrator or higher access priviledges"

I am accessing it via the main account, which is definitely an admin account with full priviledges. It even says "admin" under the name in the Accounts control panel. I tried a different password and verified that the account name and password are correct, but that the priviledges (admin level) associated with that account are not being recognized.

When I try to reinstall the printer drivers via the HP setup assistant, installed on the computer in the HP folder, it crashes.

I tried swapping USB cables. That doesn't change anything. I've restarted the printer.. no change. I've rebooted the computer.. no change.