HP PSC 1610 Won't Print from Excel or Acrobat


My HP PSC 1610 won't print from excel or acrobat. The job shows up the in queue, then stops and doesn't send to the printer. I'm running os 10.4.

It prints fine from other applications - namely word and preview.

Here's what I've tried:

- Restarting from the queue, deleting the job and trying to print again
- Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver from the disk and the hp website (multiple times)
- Repairing my permissions
- Installing the print only driver from the HP website
- Updating the software from the non-working vendors (microsoft and adobe)
- Using a linux based open source driver instead (won't print at all)

does anyone have any further suggestions beyond returning it?



Please....this is very frustrating, and I'd very much appreciate some advice if anyone has encountered this problem...