HTMLEdit blew up


The HTMLEdit application doesn't work any more. Double clicking on it results in a dialog telling me that an application has crashed, but that the system still works fine.

I tried reinstalling MacOS X on top of the previous installation but didn't succeed.

Does anyone know what might be wrong, and how one might fix it?
Choose any HTML file. Now, choose "Show Inspector" from the "File" menu. In the "Inspector" window, choose "Application" from the pop-up menu, and choose HTMLEdit; you may have to add HTMLEdit to the list of applications. Close the "Inspector" window and double-click the file, _not_ the application, seeing as the latter will only result in the usual crash during startup. HTMLEdit should now be running just finely, although choosing "New File" from HTMLEdit's "File" menu will result in another crash. At the very least, following the above steps should allow you to get a glimpse at HTMLEdit.
I found that I need to be connected to the internet to open HTMLEdit, otherwise I get the same message as you. In the preferences file there is an option to fetch remote url date via http... I wonder if that is the culprit?