Huge 10.1 Performance gains with clean install?


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First off, I have been running 10.1 since saturday and I have deffinatly noticed significant performance gains from 10.0.4 on my iMac DV+ 400. My question is this, will a clean install erase all of my OS 9.2.1 stuff and all my OS X applications if they are all on one partition? Can I perform a clean install with a upgrade disk? What kind of perfromance should I be getting on my iMac with 10.1, for instance, how many bounces for System Preferences?
No, you cannot 'clean install' as in the classic Mac OS. If you choose to format the harddisk while installing, you'll lose all your information, of course.

If you think you might get performance gains from clean installing (which is possible), you should back up all your data, install a clean OS 9.2.1 (by installing 9, 9.1 and 9.21) and then installing 10 and upgrading to 10.1 directly.

To be able to *not* harm my data, I've created three partitions on my main harddisk of my powerbook: Classic, Apps/Docs, Ten. So I can reinstall each operating system on its own. I also back up my home directory on 10.1 regularly, so if I reinstall 10.1, I can just move the old home over the new one again. Works great.