huge problems with X11, .xinitrc, fink on Tiger


I loved OS 10.3, everything worked happily. Not so here.

1. When I install fink 0.8.0 the pathsetup script says that when it adds the line
test -r /sw/bin/ && /sw/bin/
the computer ignores it. I cannot run fink or any other fink-installed stuff until I type
source /sw/bin/
into the terminal. Even then, which programs work -ethereal- and which don't -aterm- seems to be totally random
2. The .xinitrc file with the line
source /sw/bin/ with or without a following & crashes X11
so too does the line

So what's the deal? I haven't found any good documentation of this and am going to downgrade to 10.3 when I lose my patience.