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There seems to be a dearth of MacOS X hardware drivers. We need to start shouting at the venders. They need to understand that existing customers demand drivers for the new MacOS. When Apple starts (if not already) making X the default OS, we do not want the hardware venders to abandon the OS believing there are not enough customers to justify the cost of writing and maintaining a new set of drivers.

Please use this thread to post the status of your peripherals and their compatibility with X. To Start...

Iomega ZIP 250: works – no install necessary.
Canon ZR25 DV: works – no install necessary.
Lacie CDR: works – no install necessary.
Lacie FW HD: works – no install necessary. Silverlining X in beta
MIDIMan MIDISport 2x2: X driver downloaded. I haven’t tested it yet.
Epson 740i: drivers on 10.1 CD.
Zio Multimedia Card Reader: Tech support said they will support X when Apple delivers technical information to them.
UMAX Astra 3400 scanner: no X drivers avilable. I would have thought Apple would have supplied a standard scanner interface like they did in 9.


Microsoft Intellimouse Optical (left-hand config, buttons 3 & 4)
Adaptec USBXchange USB port SCSI device adaptor
Socket R-I/O Cardbus serial card (OS 9's built-in driver just worked)

Ustaaz Raagil

Macally Two-Button ADB Mouse : no support for right button.

Macally says they have no plans to release a driver for OSX, either.

Anyone know of another mouse driver that might work? Anything to generate a control-click from the right button would be sufficient... maybe a Darwin driver?

Matrix Agent

Masochist Mascot
My superdisk drive, HP printer and sony CRX120E cd burner work. No problems here.

I say, if some companies like Macally dont want to make drivers, let them, they're just going to miss the boat, and their place will be filled by loyal vendors.

The only problem is now you have a dysfunctional mouse.:(

Ustaaz Raagil

Well, to be fair they are providing OS X drivers for their USB products ... it's just their ADB stuff that they're not supporting under X. Which makes a certain amount of sense, I suppose, since the vast majority of OS X compatible machines don't have ADB ports.

Of course, there are a number of folks like myself who come to OS X via Ryan Rempel's fabulous work on Unsupported X, lacking USB ports. Sure, I could add a card, but that would cost! :) Myself, I'm using a PCC PowerWave 604/132 with a Powerlogix G4/450/1Mb -- rather far outside the officially supported platform list. Still, I wish I could right-click :(


Simply Daemonic
Orange micro SCSI card drivers...

although they said that drivers should be out by Xmas... jeez...more than a year PAST teh initiall beta release of OS X :p they are slow :p



Those Orange Micro drivers keep slipping quarter to quarter... it used to be end of 2nd quarter... then end of 3rd quarter, and now 10 days after the end of the 3rd quarter they have updated their page to say end of 4th quarter.....

Than again, even if they did work, from what I've seen from other posters, SCSI CDRW may not be supported by the OS???? so to me, it wouldn't matter :-(