I Alert Bombing



As a newbe here I'm not sure my first question launched, as I don't see it in my page. So try again. Sorry

I have a y2k 2nd gen imac with os 10.2.8.

While browsing the net i had an unexpected quit from ms Explorer.
Upon relaunching I had an i alert- Application unexpectedly quit- other apps have not been affected. Amend- Inow see that sys prefs the network also gives same i alert

It seems that this affected several browsers that were operating, including Safari, Mozilla, nothing else.

I trashed app prefs. no change. Installed new apps no change

Then reinstalled os x/ archive ( reverting to os 10.1) and apps still come up with i alert. Whew!

Apple mail still works, browsers launch and halt at i alert other apps seem ok.

Seems to me that something external (like prefs) but accessed by all could be a culprit.

Any ideas out there

here (or) ryans521@earthlink.net