I am not able to see my PCs anymore


Ok, I am getting nuts overhere.

I need to use a PC with WinXP for work (hating it, but that is an other discussion) and I have been sharing files with it from the first day I received my Powerbook. I only let my PC share a folder and the Mac would connect to it.

Sometimes it took a while before the domain of the PC became available in the Network window on the MAC, but after a few minutes I would see the Mycompany_Europe domain (as a folder) and my PC was available in it. When double clicking it it offered me the choice of shared folders on the PC. Worked as a dream. (Even with my girlfriend's laptop on again a different domain)

Well, my mac is not finding my PC (or any other) anymore. Nothing, rien (french), niks (dutch), ...

I checked if the problem was at the PC site, but other PCs see it fine.

Help ... I thought I knew something about networks ... :(
I am still not seeing my PCs in the network, but I found the way to connect to the shared folders on my PC.

smb://name/sharename (all uppercase when using Windows)

Anybody out there that has an idea on why the PCs are not showing up in the network view?
yeah I have the same issue too. My PC and MAC are both at home and the shared folders are almost always never recognized from the start. I've found out that connecting to my MAC from my PC recognizes it a bit faster but hardly ever does it just pop up on its own on my MAC.