I am so jazzed about 10.1


OK, so I did a clean reinstall of OS9.1 and X10.0.3 then updated each on seperate partitions. It took about an hour or so to finish this process on my new iBook Fire Wire (by the way, does my little iBook have a name like so many other macs, i.e. wallsteet) . I did a quick backup of all my apps, and burned my entire user folder to a CD-R.

Well needless to say, I have copy all my preferences over and got the look of the system back, i.e. all the folder in the docks in place, all the aliases fixed. Everything went smoothly in a total of about three hours. I started right after my last post called (Clean Install and Swap- which should give you an idea of the time it took).

I did not do the swap thing, but the speed on my iBook has increased considerably since the repartitioning and the clean install. I am so ecstatic right now, GO APPLE!!!!!

Anybody know why this happened, does it have to do with prebinds ( a word I hear tossed around a lot, but have no idea what it means), if so what exactly did the install do to optimize the systems performance. Whatever it is was awesome.

Jason :D
this morning on first launch my apps would bounce as follows

IE 2
Mozilla 3 for splash then a estimated bounce count of 10
OW 16

After the reinstall on first lauch

IE 1
Mozilla 1 for splash then an estimated bounce count of 6
OW 3

After the Mozilla splash the app stops bouncing, but it still takes a while to load the page.

This is great, everything is much faster. My computer must have been constipated this morning, the clean install was like a enima, lol.

Just wanted to report that despite not being able to get my hands on the 10.1 update, I just went out and bought the retail version to help support the cause.

Updating my wife's Pismo 400/256 took about 30-40 minutes (lots of disk activity) but after single reboot, I was up and running clean.

Reboots are much faster and overall responsiveness is definitely better than before. I'm surfing, writing mail, and watching "Matrix" in a quarter-size window in the background with no interruption to video or audio... simply awesome.

If anything, the updated DVD support and cool new UI make the upgrade worth it!

Note; if you are doing an upgrade from the retail version, be sure to uncheck format disk before proceeding; all your settings are retained without any problems.