I Can't Change My Hd Icon?


I WENT TO XICONS.COM AND GOT SOME ICONS I LIKE. I WANTED TO CHANGE THE HD ICON BUT I COULDNT. ANY 1 KNOW HOW PLEASE TELL ME. I also have seen screen shots of people who changed the dock color.
When downloading icons, did it break your capslock key? :p

Change icons like you always have, get info, copy/paste. If your icon "disappears", log out and back in, it'll be there.
... have you got 10.1? it'll work perfectly the normal copy & paste way in 10.1 ... if you've got a build beneath that it'll be a bit more complicated: you have to edit the hitoolbox.rsrc. there's a tutorial on xicons.com ... hope that helps... :)
FIRST OF ALL... Is it X.1???? Is it? If it ISN'T you're not going anywhere.

Next.. the Icon disappearing is a bug (duh) but you can combat it by "Cutting" the current icon from the HD first them pasting the new one. (Why the hell did they remove "Clear"?) If you don't , you can just Force Quit the Finder instead of Logging out.

Hopefully this bug will be resolved by the next update. And Apple, ADD the Clear menu back to the Finder. Duh!
... in that case i'd suggest just hanging on and waiting for 10.1 ... the editing you have to do to change the hd icons in 10.04 is a drag and can, if you do something wrong, wreck your system ... it'll be easier to be patient for a couple of days. ;)
o ok thanks to all.this web site is nice since this is my first posts. it is good to finally find a web site that has mac owners who know what there talking about and hate windows (xp try to be like os x).