i cant empty tha trash!!!


the first time i have install X i try the appz thermoindock....
then i trow it in the trash and try to epmty it... but the folder was there again..... 4 some reasons i had to uninstall X and use 4 video mounting that disk ( i have cleaned that disk a lot of time and re-initialized it some times too) then today i put X on that disk again and..... the thermoindock folder was in the trash again and i cant remove or delete it?!?!?!?
if i try to get it out of the bin the mac make a copy and when i try to put it in the bin they comes double........ what can i do?????????
I've had troubles with the trash before also. If it wouldnt let me delete it, i had to move the trash onto the desktop, log out and back in as the 'root' user find the files i wanted to trash, move them into the trash and then i could delete them.

does that help?