I can't play divx movies!!


Hi I thought my Powerbook 500mhz (firewire) had enough power to play a divx movie, but I guess I was wrong. I haven't been able to watch through the opening credits of a movie without it loosing so many frames I can't watch it. All my friends can watch divx movies without any problems and I don't think they have monster computers. Is it just that the codec available today isn't good enough or what! Well, I'd appreciate any tips on making it possible to watch divx movies without me having to buy a new computer.


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Your powerbook definately has enough speed to play a divx .. it's either the codec that's flakey or the encoding job that they did on the movie.


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Im having the same problem.
I use the divx codec plugin for Apples QuickTime.

But well, the codec plugin is still in development state, so what do u expect? I bet it will run much faster when the final version is released... :)


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Okay I have a stupid question .. how do we install this? It doesn't say in the 'better_readme.rtf' and I'm a goober that doesn't know how the Mac OS works. :D


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Actually, the better_readme.rtf says,

drag in your /Library/QuickTime folder or
cp -r ffmpeg.component /Library/QuickTime"

Which essentially is trying to tell you to move the file named "ffmpeg.component" to the folder names "QuickTime" that is located inside the folder named "Library" which is located inside the icon for your hard drive.

The first time I installed this file, I seem to remember having to reboot to get it to work correctly. Once you've done that, write back if you have any troubles with sound (or any other troubles or you just want to tell us you have it working).

Hope this helps.


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Seems like there are some better_readme files that don' t tell where to put the quicktime divx extension.
I wuz looking in the better_readme file, too, but I couldnt find the line where it says /Library/QuickTime/..
It just says that I may have to restart after installing the divx thang, n that there are still some glitches wit sound n stuff.


there is a other solution to play movies. That's vlc, a free open source program, can play all movies!! (except some like: realplayer and some from windows media player, but you can download that for mac )

can play on every operation system and with strange video formats like iso/cue, mks,...

so the great link


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Some divx movies use xvid, so you might need to download that as well. I haven't had troubles with the OS X version of Divx (from divx.com) in conjunction with xvid.