I don't want another Linux


I think I've made the biggest mistake of my life :( , Idecided to get rid of mac os 9, so i reformatted my HD and I had the file System choice between Mac os Extended and Unix File System. I did the dumbest choice and i took Unix. Noe=w i am having a lot of trouble. I can't even install programs nomore. And the worst is when i try to run the X installation it attemp to start Mac os 9. Now i am stuck . I think i ve got an upgrade cd for Os 9.1 ( I dont have the inst Cd, of course). Is there anyway i can revert my file syst to Mac os extended ???? Please help me, i am desperate :(
Do a reinstall Of OSX and select reformat drive.

Install X on an HFS drive.

You can also open drive setup after booting from the installer CD (X) and do a custom partition...
When i run the installation cd it tries to start Mac os 9 and i don't have it. Is there any other way to run that cd without havin mac os 9??? the first time i did an upgrade from mac os 9.2 and it worked fine but i don't have mac os 9 nomore. but thanx for your reply@Jorace
What do you mean it trys to start macos 9? The X installer CD boots off of its self. On my beige g3 tower I just have to reboot with the 'C' key held down.
As said above, you should be able to start from the cd and reformat the drive.

If that doesn't work, then there's another issue happening....and if you can give some more detail it might be easier to help you out...what hardware are you using? what original install disks do you have?

have you tried the simple things we often forget about....zap the pram for instance...on some older hardware (beige) it solves a lot of X boot problems
I am new mac user therefore i didn't know that i had to hold on the c -key to reboot from the cd drive. thanx a lot, that solved my problem, i am gonna reformat it right now
I would like to thank everybody who replied to my post, i am a new mac user and with the quickness i got response on this board I think I made the right choice to get into Mac. I appreciate all your help :D