I experienced the USB/sleep issue with my new iMac G5...

Jim W

First off, that is how I found this great site, by Googl'ing my problem. :D

I got my G5 about 4 weeks ago and 2 days ago I got a printer for it. An HP with scanner and copier capability. Today I made some copies while the Mac was 'sleeping' ( I tested the copy function before while it was awake and it worked fine) and it awoke with an error of device being used ...(can't quite remember the exact text) something to the extent like "hey I'm not using this device which is connected to me" kind of thing.

Since this, the thing would take a good 30 seconds to go to sleep when prompted.

I then used Google, found a thread from this site about USB devices fouling up sleep with the iMac. I unplugged the printer and clicked sleep and it went to sleep right away, like normal. I then plugged it back in and checked again....it was ok. So the simple unplugging of the device corrected the problem,,,,for now.

Is there a permanent fix for this? Some sort of USB update? I would imagine Apple would already have for DL if there was or maybe it's not so widespread, they don't have it as a priority fix as of yet.