I give up


I've had it. After all the hype and propaganda, OSuX is just another lame Apple attempt to try and claim there's actual meat behind its artsy fartsy graphics.

* Java is slow, slow, slow. Not just Swing either. On a dual 450 G5, 512 MB RAM, a non-gui test suite took 4 times as long as what it did on a 300 MHz Pentium, which was busy doing other stuff at the time, while the Mac was not.

* It ignores the CD most of the time. Computer CDs don't show up on the desktop, audio CDs don't play. Sometimes it doesn't let me eject no matter what I do, and I have to restart.

* Arbitrarily opens the drawer on the external CD burner.

* The dock is a joke. Ooh, it magnifies as you fly over it. Big deal. At least in Windows I know that each window will have a button on the toolbar, or whatever it's called, regardless of whether its hidden or what. With OSuX's completely non-intuitive dock, I have to guess where it is--or whether it's even there--based on wheter it's an app or a doc, hiding or not, minimized or not. Pffftt!! Forget it!

* The kernel would be nice as a backend to a good GUI. To this lousy GUI, it doesn't add much. If I want Unix with a lousy GUI, I'll use Linux and KDE. Way better Unix, somewhat better GUI.

* Where are all the apps? Are software vendors so unwilling to commit to OSuX that they're all waiting for everyone else to jump on the bandwagon? If they thought this was going to have promise, and assuming Apple made the SDKs available in a timely fashion, there should be scads more software available than there is. So did Apple drop the ball and not give developers a shot at it early enough? Or is nobody willing to commit to devloping, because they can see that it's just a dead end?

* It's too hard to distinguish the active title bar from the non active ones.

* When is Apple going to get true multi-button mouse support (like Windows has had for a long time)?

* When is Apple going to get decent keyboard shortcuts (like Windows has had for a long time)?

* When is Apple going to provide a decent help system, with actual content (like Windows has had for a long time)?

I detest Microsoft, but as of now, I'm gladly going over to the dark side. Windows has surpassed or at least equalled Apple in every area where Apple used to (and still claims to) hold superiority, and Apple's response has been anemic at best.

Good riddance, Macintrash.
The point in having no shortcuts is making your own. At least that's possible in MacOS...lacking feature in OS X. Same with multiple mouse buttons.

It'll be interesting what QuickKeys for OS X looks like, if it's still being worked on.

If any of your arguments made sense or held the smallest kernel of truth, I might bother to respond to them one by one. Instead, I respond in general...

Do you actually own a 300MhZ Intel processor? If you do and it beat a dualie G4 (or G5 as you say) by 4x, what were you doing, rebooting the Mac during the test?

For the record, there is substantial MEAT behind OS X's GUI. Grade A Prime Angus.
Up and running since day 1. No crashes, minimal problems - all three of them easily remedied in under 30 minutes.

My WinBlows crate at work crashes at least once a day - and I know what I'm doing. I have to support all the Eloi at work who know nothing (or worse yet, think they know something) about GatesWare and let me tell you, my phone never stops ringing.

The Mac users at work (right now about 75% at 9.1 and the rest at X) rarely, if ever call for support. They figure it out themselves if they ever even have a problem in the first place. Lately all the calls I've been getting from the 9.1 users relate to, "When am I gonna get OS X?"

I was on a recent trip to Iceland. In Schipol Airport during a two hour layover I opened my wife's TiBook with X installed. Started editing our Iceland videos from my Canon Elura DV. Instant crowd. The TiBook did the initial draw, but once they saw what I was doing (some only moderately intricate editing - adding a soundtrack - Bjšrk of course - , effects, splicing scenes, etc) they went apeshit! Two businessmen actually ordered TiBooks right there on the spot from Apple's Store (guess I've got their credit card info on my wife's machine :) ) and spoke about recommending them for their consultants.

Let me get this straight. You LIKE the winblows taskbar? This is more intuitive than the dock? Not my dock. Not the way I have mine set up. I'd be happy to help you if you truly care enough to give X a chance... message me.

Never had a problem recognizing any volume (PC, Mac, network or otherwise) in X. Shows up in my Finder Column View (I have the show disks on desktop turned off - personal preference).

Maybe some of the hardware with which you are having issues isn't currently supported? I'm sure drivers are on their way. This is the early days of Os X. The updates so far have exceeded my expectations. Let's see what surprises are in store for July (or earlier)...

I'd be happy to address your other concerns but I'm sleepy and I think you already know the answers anyway. Well, you've succeeded in drawing me out. If you seriously would like to discuss your issues, message me.
Hey, so I'm not the only one that uses column view with nothing on the desktop. I guess we're some of the few that don't go cowering into the corner at the slightest mention of change.
heh heh I use column view with tons of crap on the desktop, does that make me schizophrenic?
Nah, just flexible. One day I realized that if I used colums and cleaned off the desktop, I would never have to hide an app again (unless someone were trying to spy on me, of course.) Naturally, I jumped all over this.
Not having anything on the desktop was one of the first things that scared many people about Mac OS X when they saw the early screen shoots. As for column, I've been using Greg's browser for a long time in Classic, I've always love navigating my system that way.
Now if I could just get column view on my Atari 400.

I guess that would make me schizophrenic as well - Atari 400 = afraid of change ; column view = embrace change.....

Anyway, was the original poster really serious or just chumming the waters. I admit I fell for it and actually tried to help... Silly me.
The column view is one (of many, many many) the best improvements in my opine. I use it in all my save dialogs as well. As a developer, you can be in your includes folder and see the files you are working on and make sure you are using the right path... such a time saver!
In 9 I still have a lot of stuff on my desktop, thats the way I like it, in OS X that changes lol. Very little on my desktop :p

I use list view ;)
Before Eazel went bully-up, I was talk to one of the developers and asking her why they were using the Windows Explorer format for Nautilus (besides the fact that it was a replacement for Midnight Commander). She said "We're not specifically looking to emulate the NeXTStep style of file browser, because we're not sure that provides the best ease of use." I still disagree with her on that.
I don't think anybody outside of slashdot suggested Eazel had a clue about HI, and that's mainly due to nobody at slashdot having a clue. Thier strategy, much like KDE, is to make a windows clone.

Although I still don't know what Apple's strategy is.
Originally posted by strobe
that's mainly due to nobody at slashdot having a clue.


I read slashdot for the news, but the comments by most readers and moderators displays just how intelligent they are. (They think they are venerable geniuses)

What's the desktop????


I'm not dependent on using the Desktop as my navigation medium, guess that's why I never cluttered it with shortcuts and what not, and with OS X, I simply have layer apon layer of app windows, I just click on the app from the dock to bring all of the app windows I want foward... very quick clean and simple in my eyes......

I just can not, understand the attachment with the "Desktop" that the guy starting this thread grips about and alot of other folks before him.

Column view rocks, The only ligit grip I believe with substance about the file browser in OSX is that you need two Finder windows open to move or copy files from one place to another that is not with-in the same root (Displayed) folder... where as "Windows Explorer" it's pretty easy to click and drag a file from with-in a deep path to a folder far far away and even on a different drive using the same window. Other than that, if it's even all that important, is the only thing very different.

Well, I love X, I shouldn't get upset reading such bad opinion but it's like hearing cake sucks...... ;)
Yeah. having to use two finder windows is a drawback... But I love column view so much that I really don't mind. Besides, I keep my GUI as clean as possible so having the 2 windows open is no big deal.

Haven't heard a comment from JVERD (the original poster)... Maybe we've swayed his opinion....:p
Not having anything on the desktop was one of the first things that scared many people about Mac OS X when they saw the early screen shoots. As for column, I've been using Greg's browser for a long time in Classic, I've always love navigating my system that way.

Me to, I've been using that for years. Between Greg's Browser and The Tilery I had a pretty good simulated OSX environment on 8 & 9.

Or you can make a tabbed folder launcher, put all your aliases in one horizontal row, set the view options to view as large buttons and snap to grid, and position the icons so they overlap. It gives a neat sort of pseudo-magnification effect when you drag a file over it. I was gonna submit that to some magazines tips column, but oh well, too late now :)
You guys ever drag an icon over a folder in 9? The folder opens up! and you can do it over and over until you get to where you want to be?
How did this get cut from X?
I know it would work well for the colummn view. I also share your opinion about moving files about, its especially stressful to have two windows open because you have to resize, and you know how long that can take:)
I, too, don't clutter my desktop. My point was that I don't want to click the app in the dock and then have to sort through that app's windows. I want to be be able to click in the dock to get directly to the window I want. This only works if I've previously genied the window away. The reason I prefer winblows task bar over the dock is that it doesn't matter if the window has been minmized/inconized/genied/whatever, it's there in the taskbar, and I can get to the window I want with one click. Not all apps behave this way, and I'm not sure why, but the overwhelming majority of apps that I use do behave this way.

Bottom line: I've owned Macs and only Macs for over ten years now. I've never considered buying a winblows box. I don't have the time or money to switch now, so I'll have to live with it, and maybe OSX will improve. But I can work a lot more effectively in winblows than in any Mac OS. Ironically, we've come full circle--the only time I'd rather use OS X than NT is for command line stuff. Zsh and bash kick the crap out of DOS, and cygwin is okay, but kind of a hack.