I gots the final. :)

Holy shit, I didn't know so many people would reply!!

It's working great for me.. people said that 4K78 was this oh-so-slow build, but it's not slow at all on a G4/400 Powerbook with 384mb RAM....

Expect a LOT of updates out of Apple in the next few weeks.
Already a lot more Carbonized apps.. but.. but the one I need..

SSH! There's no SSH! I heard from a trusted source that it was because of legal issues with SSH. =/

oh yeah..

there's a line in /etc/rc.boot that will change the hostname back to localhost. Change that line, reboot. Life is good. :)

Apache is sweet. They've made a nice little "About Apache Web Sharing" page in your /Users/Sites folder :)

Having Apache here ROCKS.. my GOD it's cool...

Already a carbonized
Appleworks 6.1
Livejournal client
Eudora 5.1beta
ICQ alpha
OmniWeb 4.0

Just need a real AIM client (or use Fire)
Wanted carbonized:
ShadowIRC (dammit, DSHadow, get on it! hehe)
Netscape 6 (I've had BIG TIME problems with the IE 5.1preview that came with it, but Netscape 6.01 works great in Classic)

Classic is a hell of a lot faster than it was before. It's like you're running your Mac in 9.1! :)
(still trying to reply..)
Airport WORKS GREAT!!!! Signal strength seems a bit less than it would under 9.1, but still, it's solid.

The network control panel is where they kind of moved Location Manager.. it's a bit confusing, but works. I miss the Location Manager. :(

Classic works GREAT!

OmniWeb 4.0code-freeze 1 is working GREAT as well.. and if it crashes, it has a feedback agent - so expect a LOT of OmniWeb bug fixes in the near future.

No pop-up folders. :(

Terminal.app seems snappier, too. :) tcsh is the default, which rocks.

Mail.app looks a LOT nicer, is more stable, and supports multiple accounts a lot better. I'm still going to use Eudora just because I'm stubborn and all my mail/etc is in Eudora anyway. Besides, I paid for it. ;)

Gimme time.. I'm still thinking of stuff... ;)


That's right, if your MAC needs some lovin', I'm available. Otherwise I'll be by here by myself fondling my ibook and reading longingly about the good times you guys are having with X. I'm an exchange student in England for the semester, and don't really have the time or $$ (or should that be ££) to spend on it right now, so I'm living vicariously through you guys. I know you're all having way too much fun right now, jizzin' all over yaselves over this cool new OS, but keep posting!


Simply Daemonic
Psit! I'll let you in in a secret :p
I dont have the $$ to get OS X either (at the time being)...saving my $$$ for my summer vacation... this summer is gonna be awesome...anyhow.

I think that I am gonna be left in the dust here if I dont get OS X and post :p
(Perhaps my Boss will be kind enought to buy me a gratis copy when he gets copies of OS X for our G3s lol )


PS: exchange student from england ?? what uni are u in ? (and where from england..I have a few acquaintances there )

PPS: did you buy your iBook here or there ? are you using the built in modem ? any troubles in your travels with it (digital/analog line problems )

PPPS: (last one) What special skills do you have ? I have an old perfoma that I am considering painting and making it look really cool :p So my question is...do u do body work ?


We poor college students... Any benevolent OS X benefactors out there? Throw me some ram across the pond too, maybe?

I'm at Keele University. It's next to Stoke-on-Trent, which is right smack in the center of England, basically. In between Manchester & Birmingham.

I got the iBook before I came. No probs with the modem, just bought some cheap adapters, but I've only hooked it up in my dormroom here. I'm not taking it backpacking with me or anything. (We get the entire month of April off, so I'm going travelin') Too heavy and too expensive to lose. And I'll be too busy anyway. Which is my philosophy on the OS X thing, too. No matter how pretty aqua is, I didn't come to Europe to stare at a computer screen. (But here I sit right now, eh?)

[/B][/QUOTE] PPPS: (last one) What special skills do you have ? I have an old perfoma that I am considering painting and making it look really cool :p So my question is...do u do body work ? [/B][/QUOTE]

that would be snazzy! wish i had an old computer i could decorate.


You boys do realize that as college students you get $60 off the price, right?

Regardless, Fire works great and the newest version seems to have fixed the AIM block that AOL had put in place last week against 2.1a and prior versions. So, if you need IM services, it does AIM, ICQ, YahooIM, and MSN Messanger seemlessly in OS X.

I have yet to get enough bandwidth on Apple's site to get AppleWorks 6.1 [the update/preview] so I don't yet know how well that works.

AirPort works great, I was in a store today and spent some time working with it.

Location Manager in Mac OS X is near perfect.

Thing is though, you don't see it unless you look for it. Here is how it works.

If you select "automatic" the following happens.

You don't set up different "sets" of network settings for each location, instead the OS auto-detects the best connection and uses it. If you have AirPort installed and there is an AirPort Network available but not an ethernet network, then it will contect to the AirPort Network and contact it to determine all network settings without you even knowing. Later if you connect via ethernet it will use that connection since it is faster. All without the user ever being notified or bothered.

Course, if you want to make the determination yourself, you can. Just don't select "automatic."

Classic seems to run very well. I was able to run IE 5 [Classic], AIM, OE 5 [Classic, there is a beta or alpha Carbon build out], Fetch [Classic, although there is an OS X version out], all without problem. Although I have read in a TIL from Apple that one should not run two version of IE at once or you will get some kind of error.

QuickTime 5 seems good but I have yet to try a lot of different file types on it.

The OS seems quite snappy, but some things are still there to complain about. Window resizing will be a big issue for people who want to complain, its a legitimate complaint, but it won't ruin your life either.

Reportably network printers and Classic do not get along the best but do work, I haven't tried it yet myself though.

I have run it on a G3 600 iMacSE, PowerMac G4 Cube 450, and a G4 PowerBook 500. RAM ranged from 128MB, to 256MB.

In OS X native work 128MB seems like alot, but in Classic work I think you need it all and more is better. Just an opinion.

I seem to be writing long posts lately so I hope you guys bare with me.

At this point I am really excited by the UNIX 2/3s of this OS. Fact is that although we see 100% Mac OS Aqua, the reality is something like 85% UNIX or UNIX like stuff.

The best part of the release from a Mac community stand point is the Developer Tools included in the retail box. Much like in the days following 1984 software for the Macintosh now could well return to those grassroots it came from then.

I hope many Mac users take it upon themselves to create little projects like Fire that may become nationally known, platform wide standards.


You "boys" do realize some of us are "girls"? ;)

Thanks for the excellent informative long post, though, Bogie. I'll try to be more RELEVANT from now on. :) Though I think I'm hardly to blame for the devolution of this thread. :)


OK, just for that last comment I am making a new thread in the general discussion, come look it up and tell your friends, we can find out who we are posting to, it'll be fun.


Simply Daemonic
UNfortunatelly every store I have been to in the past, when it comes to OS software, even though I DO go to educational stores...cost the full price...so the only place to get it is apple online... something I dont really do that often (online buying) cause you neeeeeever know ;-)
(I am a bit paranoid .... prefer to pay cash not credit...and like my martinis shaken not stired....)
althought.... I do have a 30$ rebate (since I was a PB user ) ... I might consider it ;)