I have a Performa PowerPc G2(603e)!


I don't know if the Mac @ the university is similar. On the model is clearly written PowerPc. It can also be an early G3. If you like macs @ the university you have 2 choose this one or written hybride.

PowerMacs are not always G3/G4/G5 processors. The first PowerMacs were 601, then I think 603/603e, then 604. Then they went to G3/G4/G5.

As far as I know, there were no G3 Performas from Apple. There might be upgrades though.

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He said G2 not G3 ;)
I think he is lumping 603-604 into G2 and 601 are G1
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there is no such thing as G5 yet.
Thank you Captain Obvious, for your helpful contribution.

We are all now much better off with your guidance. :rolleyes:


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Originally posted by AdmiralAK
He said G2 not G3 ;)
I think he is lumping 603-604 into G2 and 601 are G1

I have a 7200 G1 at 90 MHz. Does anybody knows if it can be accelerated ?

BTW the 601 and 604 were released before the 603.


I think that it isn't a Gosshamer, but it is original Apple.


First Generation 1984
68000 first Mac and MacPlus
68020 Mac II
68030 Se/30, Mac IIx and others
68040 Quadras and Centris

Second Generation 1994
601 was first PowerPC product
603/603e consumed less power than orig 601 and slightly faster too.
604/604e Faster than 601 and 603, 604e consumed less power

Third Generation 1997
740/750 G3 chips
74xx/75xx G4 Chips
85xx G5 chips when they come out hopefully in July 2002