I Have Been Forced To Buy A Pc

RacerX, let it rest -- if he chooses not to figure out why his system crashes (and frankly, I don't blame him if OS X only crashed once every 2 months), then let it be. He can deal with the problem later when (and IF) it becomes a major problem.

(I would encourage an admin to lock this thread, since it's just becoming a duke-it-out-fest.)
I dont know about you guys, but I have found that is the person that is on the machine at the time that causes the instabilaty.

Recent examples:
When I ran os 9.2.1 on my laptop (before 10.1 came out), I had uptimes of approx 1 week on average. If my girlfriend got on the machine, there was a 50% chanc of it being crashed within the first 10 min.

I have had 10.1 on my machine for over 2 weeks now. I have had one crash total and I use the machine continuously. (and that was just a really wierd interface slowdown and freeze) I installed 10.1 on my family machine, and my little brother uses it for 10 min (literally) and now the monitor will only turn on when you reboot in 9.2.1. The family has gone back to using 9.2.1 :D
Everybody... enough...

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Those alien machines have no option to get it with no OS... So your still paying for microsoft windows..

Thats my biggest problem with the big hardware companies, you cant buy a dell, compaq etc with out windows (well you cant in australia)

So really microsoft are screwing the users if they want to use another operating system. Obviously dell have forgot that people want to use other operating systems such as BSD, Solaris 8 i386, Linux, beos, etc etc etc

Its crazy! At least when I buy a mac it comes with the operating system for free. You buy a dell or something you get a machine which has 300 dollars worth of software you dont want.
Originally posted by Carlo

Its crazy! At least when I buy a mac it comes with the operating system for free. You buy a dell or something you get a machine which has 300 dollars worth of software you dont want.

Sorry but you're way off on this one . EVERY mac comes with an Apple os pre installed without the option of no os and despite what you think the price of the os is factored into the price of a mac. Apple unfortunately only has about a 16-22% share of the personal computer market right now they can't afford to give away os's that take billions of dollars of reaserch and development for free
Why don't you just wait for the G5.??? (2002)

The lates test (nov. 5 shoved 2.4GHZ)

Look at this:

Initial benchmarks supplied by my source suggest the G5 is pretty fast indeed:

GHz 1.2 1.4 1.6
SpecInt2000 987 1151 1340
SpecFP2000 1005 1173 1359

By comparison, Intel's 2GHz Pentium 4 has recorded SpecInt2000 and SpecFP2000 scores of 656 and 714, respectively, according to www.specbench.org If accurate, the G5 figures are impressive indeed.

With this machine you wouldn't have to buy a new one for years regardlees of the somewhat higher price thus saving in the long run..

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Born on Mac :)