I have fully crashed OSX!


I was running photoshop in OS9 and surfing the web on OSX. I had to load an image from photoshop to my Idisk so I directly saved to it. That is when things went wrong. I got a complete slowdown and without turning the screen any color, text that was quite foreign to me appeared in the upperleft hand corner and worked its way down to the middle. I could only make out:

continue c
reboot r

I pressed r for reboot and everything has been peachy since. What does this mean? Is OSX stable enough yet. Please, somebody respond and reafirm me that it is.
This was most likely caused by a "Kernel Panic"

We used to see these quite a lot in the early versions of NEXTETEP for Intel Processors

Not to worry, you took the correct action. These should all but disappear by the time the final release arrives.
You took the correct decisions, but... If it happens again, try to write down as much info as possible and send it to feedback page on Apple site.

This garbage is priceless info for Apple since it helps them in finding what part of the kernel went wrong...

Of course, I say so not wishing to sound harsh or anything...
Yeah, I was so used to just rebooting that I did it naturally without thinking. I have tried to recreate the situation when it failed but it seems to have no trouble now.