I have to upgrade?


I have a indigo iMac DV.. Will I have to upgrade? It says

"You’ll also need to check two things. First, you may need a memory upgrade —128MB of Memory (RAM) is recommended for using the Public Beta. Second to get the most out of Classic applications make sure that you've upgraded to Mac OS 9.04."

I dont have 128 MB of RAM.. I have 64... Will I be able to run it?

I am ready though, I have my hard drive partitioned!


Alex, you'll be able to run it. Its more of a matter of how good a user experience you'll have when you start running several apps or doing intensive tasks. Unlike with Mac OS 9.x and earlier, adding memory on a Mac OS X system will give you a significant performance boost as there will be less of a need to hit VM. The performance hit on OS X isn't as bad as when OS 9/earlier hit the disk but if you never have to hit VM, the better your OS X experience will be.

I tested DP4 on an 8500 (604e/200) with 64mb and that worked out well for running email and a web browser but started to swap as I loaded additional apps. One of our do-it-all OS X Servers has 256mb and the swap file has stayed at 16mb (the minimum i have it set for) for over 9 months (the last time it was rebooted).