I hope some apple ppl read this


I called apple mexico and they don't know if they will ever be able to supply the 10.1...so what can macintosh users outside the USA can do?...Make a trip to the nearest apple store in United States and get a 'free' update?
I sent and email to apple.com asking about it..and no response:(
I live in Australia and apple.com.au promised the 10.1 update would be in stores on the 31st. I dropped in at noon-ish, and the people there said they weren't in yet. They took my phone number, adding it to a list of thirty-odd people who had allready been in that morning.
An hour later, they called me to tell me the upgrade had arrived, and kept one aside for me. When I went in, they handed it over with a smile. I reached for my wallet, and the girl said "oh no, you've got a qualifying product, so the upgrade is free. Besides, we're still waiting on the developer's tools, and they were supposed to be included."
So, an official upgrade to 9.2 and 10.1 with manuals and everything, and all I had to do was drop in to pick it up! SWEEEEET!
Well...I guess Australia is lucky...Mexico being a USA neighbour doesn't have any idea about the update....
Congrats..I hope you will enjoy it!