I just got a Fed-Ex tracking# from Apple!!!


I just got a trackable Fed-Ex number for Mac OS 10.1 Retail Install. Since I had this sent overnight, I will have it Friday morning.

It won't make a difference anyway, I have been running 5G64GM since it was out on the Web.
Well this is pretty cool. I ordered my retail 10.1 from Apple Store on Tuesday with 2 day shipping and my email from Apple indicated that it was shipped today with overnight priority status. Cool! They gave me the next step up shipping free of charge. I too will have it friday... and I too have been running 5g64 for the last two weeks.
hey swizcore, wheres my prize? you said i get a prize for guessing your screenshot and then dont bother, that sucks, i want my prize...
Well what the piss? I order mine on Tuesday at 1:30 CST and well it says still being assembled. I got the 2 day Fed Ex thing also. What is going on I want mine than. Anyone think it is because I used my Edu. discount?
Yeah, I just checked on my order through the Apple Store as well and it says that my order is "being assembled". I, like you, ordered on Tuesday afternoon but didn't use any educational discount. The email Apple sent me says the shipping time will be "2-3 wks" even though I paid the extra $5 for expedited shipping. This really sucks!! I was hoping that I could get my hands on a copy of 10.1 before Saturday but it looks like I will be cancelling my order with Apple and try to get it from Staples on Saturday.