I just got powerbook G4 with superdrive. NEED GAME HELP?


I was curious what games are you able to play on the machine? I just want to be able to play some games on the light weigh laptop during boring class times

If so, how playable are they?

Will Unreal Tournament 2004, ghost recon be able to run on the machine?

What else games do you recommend? I got starcraft already. I found out that my old disc was both PC and MAC. LOL


Warcraft 3 would run beautifully. UT should work fine too, I am assuming you have a new Powerbook. How much video memory do you have on your machine?


Maybe I'm being naive, but won't you make a decent amount of racket hitting keys and clickin on the mouse playing those games? I would imagine something a bit lower octane for class goofing off.


Will unreal tournement 2004 run well on the new G4 Powerbook 12.1 inch. 1.5ghz 512mb ram (soon to be maxed out), the vram 64mb geforce FX 5200. Has anyone ever tried it yet? My friend has an alienware laptop. Fucker with his 6800 ultra card.

uhm I wish i got the 15inch with the option 128mb 9700 card but no retail store that did finacing had that model.


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As for your question, though - it should work pretty well in UT2004 and Warcraft 3. My iMac has a very similar graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra 8X AGP VRAM: 64 MB) and it plays these games very nicely.


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i have last year's PB (see sig.) I play UT2004, WCIII, and WoW mostly. They all run beautifully. No problems (except on the server side of WoW-- LAG!!! lol). I bumped mine up to 1GB of RAM, but it ran excellently before the upgrade. Congrats on the new PB!


Since you asked, ghost recon will run as well (so will later games in that series like Raven Shield).


I've been playing WoW for months now. It's quite good, but there are some laggy bits especially when you get to places with loads of players. No big deal though.

that said, don't expect too much from your Powerbook gaming wise. It is equipped with an nVidia fx 5200. These are dirt cheap video cards, and don't provide good performance. Just look at the benchmarks on the web.


My first post! :)

I've got a 1ghz G4 17" Powerbook, and I have played MOH:AA and CoD non-stop for about three years now! I can thoroughly recommend those two games.

I've also got RtCW but not installed it yet. The demo was good, though! ;)

Of course, I wouldn't want to assist someone who is trying to get out of school work... ::ha::