I killed it completely


Two days after I got OS XPB up and running I tried to run WebStar 4.3 which thinks it should run without Classic but doesn't. After WebStar unexpectedly quit a few times I gave up, hit shutdown, and went to bed.

The next morning I found that the system never actually shutdown. I tried the powerup key but it didn't respond. The power button didn't work either but the reset switch did. Then I got what used to be a familiar sight in OS 7 flashing ?. It couldn't find the startup disk and with every flash of the ? the hard drive went click-clunk.

After a few more attempts, I tried to reinstall and the installer saw the HD fine. When I gave up on finding a disk utility on the boot CD (Nice Job Apple) I finally reinstalled.

To my surprise, it went great! The installer even said something about detecting a previous installation. When it came back up I of course tried to kill it again with no luck. Since then, I have had no problems with the machine. I don't know what caused the original problem maybe sunspots or the rotation of the Earth.

Thought you might like to know,