I know I have asked this before but....


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I asked this in General discussion, probably a bad place to place such a question but here it is:

I want to make a keyboard layout for the mac, a greek one to be specific, to utilize the greek in the included unicode fonts. Anyone know how to make such kayboard layout ?

When I used LinuxPPC there was greek keyboard support (if I am not mistaken), and there are greek layouts for linux online. Are these more or less compatible with OS X or no? ( I take it that the answer will be a huge NO but anyway ).

Any idea you UNIX guru outthere ?

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Asking for UNIX gurus won't get you anywhere. They only know how to use arcane systems which have nothing in common with OS X.

OS X uses a keyboard mapping which is an a rsrc file deep in the system which I'm not even going to explain because by the time I do Apple will have changed it. Eventually Apple will have a better keymapping system based on HID, until then you're screwed.
Until then I will input the HEX value of the letter I want thought the HEX keyboard LOL :p

(Or just use classix to type stuff up )