I lost my icons !


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I recently logged out of Mac OS X (after 10 days of continuous use without rebooting... isn't Mac OS X lovable ? ;) ), to do a backup of my Palm device.

When I came back from Mac OS 9, I noticed to my surprise, that all my Classic applications' and documents' icons had disappeared, being replaced by the generic app and doc icons.

No problem, I though : I'll rebuild the Classic desktop ! So I went in the "Classic" panel of the "System Preferences"... only to see that the "Rebuild desktop" button of the "Classic" panel was greyed out.

I haven't been able to regain access to my Classic icons ever since. Booo-hooo-hooo ! :( Here is what I tried :
  • Rebooting in Mac OS 9 to rebuild the desktop
  • Trashing the "LS" preference documents in my prefs folder
  • Checking my disks with Disk First Aid and TechTool Pro
... but nothing seems to work ! (and the "Rebuild desktop" button of the "Classic" panel remains stubbornly greyed out.)

Help me get my Classic icons back !!!
Well, I hope this won't happen to me...

According to TTP and DFA, it shouldn't however. Both are perfectly happy right now.

(I pray)
My main disk is partitioned in three :
  1. "Mac OS X" (8 GB), where Mac OS X resides (surprise !)
  2. "Mac Classique" (1 GB), where is the plain vanilla system that I use for Classic
  3. "Courvoisier" (28 GB), where are my real apps, my docs and my stand alone Mac OS 9.[/list=1]Considering testuser's comment, I decided to erase my "Mac OS X" partition and re-install Mac OS X completely anew. It was easy to do, since I didn't have a lot to backup (the "Users" folder, basically). ;)

    This has solved my problem :
    1. I now have my Classic icons back.
    2. The "Rebuild desktop" button isn't greyed out anymore.[/list=1]I guess this means that the problem was not in the desktop databases of the Classic Mac OS partitions, but in a database somewhere in the Mac OS X libraries. But where ???

The same thing happened to me, too: I turned off my computer during vacation and ... no OS9 icons.

It would be absolutely great if somebody has some insightful suggestion of how to solve this. I haven't been able to search Apple's "knowledge base" because of some "unexpected error" so I don't know if they have an article on this.

However, I can't accept the "Windows solution": Reinstall. No way.