I love it! Wheeeeee! (again)


softer than ever!
I'm too busy/lazy to look for this elsewhere, but this makes me say wheee! all over again.

I could sit for hours (days?) and watch mail.app (or whatever) try to get my attention when I'm in another app. It's like a little pissed off kid having a tantrum.

It seems like Osama Bin Laden is behind this...
spreading the Whee virus....

Medic!!! We've got a situation (again)! :p
10.1 has left me wheeless.
Bang! Funny bone hits the edge of a counter.
No longer can I to enjoy a silly moment with my dock.
Did anyone notice that the original wheee is goneee?

When I hide and app, its docked windows do not zip over to the app icon (instead they go away like app icons go away when you quit the app). Does anyone know how to get the original wheeee baaack?
I'll bet wheeeendows users never have this much fun.

I like the new wheee better anyway. I can just picture the app trying to get attentions saying "Me, me ,me!!! Look at me!, hey assh*le, are you paying attention? Look at meeeeeeee!"
The situation is alarming :p
Even a jedi master is whee-ing :p ...
Damn notorious O.B.L. and his wheebola virus :p(lol... I wonder if osama bin laden does rap he he he :p)

I think this thread deserves to be on it's own instead of me adding it all to the old thread. :)
Tigger must be tired:p

Uh, what the heck?

Where did this thread come from? Somebody been digging in the MacOSX.com closet?

What's the original Wheeee? Who took it? What was it like?

And since every other sentence in this post has been a question, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee??