I love my Limp Bizkit Videos

Hey wdw_ have you seen Limp in concert? I went to the Family Values concert (I think '99) in Sacramento, it kicked ass! Where can we get the videos from?

No I haven't seen them in concert yet. I actualy only started listening to Limp Bizkit 2 months ago.
I used Lime Wire. ( http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10214-100-5889978.html?tag=st.dl.10005.pop.10214-100-5889978 ). It's like Napster for anything. It's not encredibly stable under Mac OS X, but it get's the job done. It's not like it crashes every 2 minutes or anything, but if you use other Mac OS X applications while it's running it will freeze after a while. But I like it. Oh, I made a Mac OS X icon for Lime Wire. Here ya' go.
http://homepage.mac.com/wdw_/.cv/wdw_/Public/lime Wire.icns.zip-binhex.hqx
LimeWire allows you to search for a lot of things!
Example: yesterday I downloaded 13 episodes of the Simpsons...right onto my computer! :)

The only problem when you get this much power...you don't know what to do with it all.
Originally posted by Trip

The only problem when you get this much power...you don't know what to do with it all.

I know what you mean... its a hard to make so many choices.

The only thing I want out of LimeWire right now (besides a new girl friend... no, not that, a real 3d one... lol) is the next/first epsode of Startrek: Enterprise. Its called "Broken Bow" or something... gota have it!!!! Can't wait until wednesday!
I have tried limewire...
I cannot connect to any server dammit :(
Neither from home, nor from work (which is where I wanna connect from)... why oh why dammit ?!

And scour.net went offline a few month after they released their mac client :p
Is there a carbon version of Hotline for OS X? If so where can I download it at? That used to be my main source for downloading. :wink:
I d/led some music videos from carracho but there arent a lot of video servers out there.

I got Angefalls by Ayla
Heart of Asia by Watergate (BEAUTIFUL song !!!!!)
outter space by Mellon or whatever he is called :p (reggae kinda dance)

just call me DJ admiral ;)

Here's all my MV downloads for the last 2 days:

Incubus - Drive
Limp Bizkit - Boiler
Limp Bizkit - My Way
Linkin Park - Crawling
P.O.D. - Alive
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
Gorillaz - 19-2000
Fat Boy Slim - Weapon Of Choice
Wierd Al - Omish Paradise

Then there's all of my Simpsons episodes. I say I did pretty well for a 56k user. :)
I like the gorillaz music vids.. I have 3 of em, 19-2000, clint, and tomorrwo comes today.

I have about 120 music vids backed up on CDs...dont have omosh paradise though :p

I think we should start a collaborative caraccho server of music videos lol :p

Here are the videos I have downloaded so far.


Alien Ant Farm-Smooth Criminal

Bjork-It's Oh So Quiet

Blink 182-"All The Small Things"-"The Rock Show"-"What's My Age Again?"

Bloodhound Gang-"Bad Touch"

Britney Spears-"Last To Know"-"Pepsi Commercial"-"Stronger"

Buggles-"Video Killed The Radio Star"

Doctor Dre-"Forgot About Dre"

Eminem- "Stan Ft. Elton John (Live)"-"The Real Slim Shady"

Fatboy Slim-"Praise You"-"Weapon Of Choice"-"Ya Mamma"

Foo Fighters-"Big Me"-"Learn To Fly"


Kid Rock-"American Bad Ass"-"Bawitdaba"-"Cowboy"

KoRn-"Freak On A Leash"

Limp Bizkit-"Boiler"-"Break Stuff"-"bunnymosh.swf"-"Counterfeit"-"Faith"-"Faith(Woodstock 99)"-"Jump Around (live)"-"Korn & Limp Bizkit"-"My Generation"-"My Way"-"My Way(William Orbit Remix)"-"N 2 Gether Now"-"Nookie"-"Nookie (Woodstock '99)"-"Re-Arranged"-"Rollin'"-"Take A Look Around"-"Web Site Inro (My Way).swf"-"Web Site Intro (Boiler).swf"-"myway.swf"

Linkin Park-"Crawling"

Methods of Mayhem-"Get Naked"

Michael Jackson-"Billie Jean"-"Black or White"-"Scream"


Mudvayne-"Dig"-"Nothing To Gein"

Nirvana-"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Sum 41-"FatLip"-"Fatlip/Pain For Pleasure"-"Rock Medley(live MTV 20)"

Tom Green-"The Bum Bum Song"

Weezer-"Buddy Holly"-"Hash Pipe"

Weird Al-"Interview With Ozzy"

PS. I have all of Weird Al's videos on DVD.
I need to get Alien Ant Farm, Fat Boy Slim, and Beastie Boys MVs on my computer, are they good quality?
Does anybody know where I can download
Dream - "This is me"? I really want that song cause the girls are so hot and the beat is catchy! :)