I Love Windows And This Site


I know that it is difficult to be mostly a Windowsuser and stay in love with this site. The only thing that I have found reasonable is to buy an USBkeyboard for my computer.
oh :eek:
so you didnt even buy that from apple ;) he he ;)

I wonder, do PCs (not BTOs, but regular off the shelf ones) that come with USB, is that on board or a card ?
Why are you here? You and your PC? GO, BUY A MAC AND COME BACK! And now FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry! I'm getting mad if a PC user posts in a Mac forum!)

PS.: You're always welcome with a mac!
Please Herve, ignore Alexandert, keep coming to the site and please be convinced to go and buy a mac so you can use OS X, it rocks, I have a pc (I had SUSe Linux 7.0 installed) and have not touched it since OS X has come out, and with Virtual PC 4.0 on OS X you can run all the pc apps you want.
Most mac users arent that militant ;)
Little grasshopper has a lot to learn :D

I have VPC too == Lots of x86 OSes loaded :)
I have to touch work PCs though lol
I know that Alerandert is complaining about me. But I have done good work for Applefans, I think it is better to read this before complaining (Rumers ITS A FACT EXCLUSIVE G4 SERVER 2X800Mhz), I own already 2 macs and I'm using this site because messages don't disappear after 3 day's (www.sharkyextreme.com). Complain, as much as You can, I will find it very funny. I loves replying, and that just what You have done. You must understand that this site is open for everyone, and respect it.
Hey guys! It was a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have VPC too. I don't like Windows but it's cool to have it! Have you ever seen a face of a PC user realizing you have 9.2.1, Windows 9x/2000/Me/DOS/(XP) ON A (1) MACHINE WITH SUCH A COOL (UNIX) OS(x)????? I did! And it was funny! He then bought an iMac! We need Windows.:( Sad but true! I'm SORRY for my post! Ok??????????

SORRY Hervé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
It wasn't funny!!!!!!! I know!!!!!!!! And please don't ignore me! Reply to my post!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me sorry about that, I agree alexandert I have OS X, OS 9.21, VPC running ME, Afterstep on XDarwin, thats 4 os's on one box and if I was really bored I have Suse Linux 7.0 PPC I could install!

All on my kick ass laptop, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek, I am not a geek.
Wheethrax got soapvox too :p

I am probably THE MOST OSed Person ;)
I have probably around 20 VPC HDs with at least 20 different OSes on them IN CONJUNCTION to OS 9 and OS X AND vMac with the "real Classic" in conjunction to Amiga Forever (with all Amigs OS versions) and PowerST and my Apple IIgs emulator...

I am not a geek (but I am a greek :p)
At my work, a Year ago some old Windows'95 Pc's were sold and I refused to take mine, so it goes to another person. He received on his Pc from Hp error 5600(not an IBM PC or PC/2 or AT error). I will not continue to speak technically but You see.
There is definitely some thing to be said for knowing and working with a ton of different operating systems. My wife (who is NOT that techie) has no problem walking over to any of my systems and using them. My proudest moment was when she took my ThinkPad with Rhapsody running on it with her on a trip. She has no fear of computers, that is for sure. I could sit her down in front of any Apple OS, NeXT OS, SGI, Sun, Windows or Red Hat (gnome) system and she would have no problems (specially finding any games if they are installed :D ). As far as she is concerned, they are just computers and should just work.
2, the 3-button mouse in on my Rhapsody desktop system (now that I think about it, I should have switch, huh?).
I'm not using MacosX and I'm not the one who is directly migrating to Windows XP. I know, I have a graduate in informatics but I can't buy anything I want. Europe is even not as the US, I have no car at all, no driverslicense and I'm doing some work for these guys. I wait, that's everything... You know, I love replying.