I-mac G5 1,8 Ghz


Hello, I have a problem with my i-mac G5 1,8 GHz/Ram 1 Ghz.

When I restart my computer, I have nearly each time the same problem: at the top of the screen it's less brightly than the bottom like a graduate. Despite it I had to restart with an external HD or with a CD or in reinitializing the electrical current (PRAM) but its stay the same. When the problem appears, I suspend the activity or restart my computer and it's OK.

Naturally, I have explain it several time in a different ways to Apple but until today without to provide me any real solution to resolve my problem. One say to restart computer, another to "switch the PRAM" or to run the software "Apple Hardware Disk Test" to see if it will be appear a error code but nothing appear…

If someone has any idea to resolve my problem, I will be happy to know that and especially what to make… Thanks.

Best regards
I don't think than my i-mac could benefit by "The iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for VIdeo and Power issues" so my serial number ranges isn't noted as to show by Apple on their site. Thanks to your support, I will waiting another answer et hope the problem will not appear so much.... Best regardshttp://www.macosx.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=1173863#