I need help please

I downloaded the mac os x public beta developer tools and when I unstuff it and everything it comes up as a text file what do I do?
if you unstuff the dev tools with the stuffit that comes bundled with os x pb, it will destroy it.
but it won't make it into a text file. how did you unstuff it?
it comes as a .tgz file, whuch means it needs to be both untarred and ungzipped. just untarring leaves a text file. the command line command
tar -xzf filename
does both steps (as do other commands. don't start with me about whether gnutar is better)
and then installing the dev tools should be a cinch.

BTW, did you search these forums or any others before posting? i think that this question (in various forms) has been answered twenty times just here.

have you tried the command line untar procedure?
in my experience, open up can be flaky.
anyway, you shouldn't have to redownload all the time unless you have stuffit expander set to delete the files expands -- a bad idea right now, considering that stuffit expander 5.5 for X likes to eat .tgz files.
just go back to the .tgz file and unstuff it from the terminal.
I'm going to assume that other than being relatively new to the terminal and *NIX development, you know what you are doing. If I am wrong, please be careful -- you can wreak a lot of havoc with the dev tools, especially if you're following directions that involve you doing stuff as root (after a su command from the terminal).

Other than that, I suggest strongly that you refresh yourself on (at least)the *NIX (and especially BSD/Darwin) filesystem, tcsh shell commands (ie: what you can do while in the "terminal"), and how the terminal and Darwin interact with Aqua. (FAQ's abound, and reading on the UNIX newbie threads can help, too.)

That said, here's how to ungzip and untar files. (stuffing is a different algorithm. a stuffed file ends with .sit, a tarred file ends with .tar, a gzipped file ends with .gz, a tarred and gzipped (most common) file ends with .tgz)
1) Open terminal.
2) Navigate to the folder where the archive is.
(IF you can't do this, I would strongly suggest learning *something* about the CLI before using any of the dev tools.)
3)type: tar -xzf filename
where "filename" is replaced by the file's name.
4)Done. Double click the .pkg file and the installer takes over.

If this is too complicated, try getting the newest verson of Scott Anguish's OpenUp from softrak or versiontracker. It presents a GUI for these tools. (The readme is helpful when it doesn't work.)

Finally, in the future, PLEASE search the fora before asking what are likely to be simple questions. There are MANY posts answering EXACTLY what you have been asking.

ok I unstuffed it through the terminal and installed it with the installer now my question is what can I do with the interface builder and how?
you downloaded a 70 meg file (twice) without knowing how to use it, what to do with it, or what it does? (or even how to expand it?)
look man, apple has some good documentation for their developer tools, and i suggest you think about hitting those.