I need help with a roll over script


I'm creating my own web site, so far so good, but I need to create a roll over script.

One side of the web page has 16 pictures, and other side a 3"x3" window for text info to appear. So the idea is when I place the cursor over one of the 16 pictures, I'd like to have text describing the picture appear in the 3x3.

Anyone know how to write this script, or where I can get it?

Thanks in advance.
Forgetting the mechanics of the roll over eventing (which is a simple matter of using onMouseOver and onMouseOut) event functions, you have to decide - will you use something sophisticated like XmlHttpResponse object to fetch the data in a background thread in real time (giving you a cool gmail-like geek quotient), or will you want to send the data to the client as part of the initial page load, keeping it hidden in non-visible areas of the page or in java script variables. It comes down to style and desire and compatibility.
Hi Chris,

I'm not looking for anything fancy. All I require is to place the cursor over one of the 16 pics on one side of the page, and to dsiplay info on the other side of the page. Is this possible, and is there a script for it?

You could have corresponding <div> elements containing the actual info that you want to display, and have their default visibility turned off. Then onMouseOver make whatever <div> tag visible, and the rest invisible.
Dean, can you give us a link to a 'test page'? If so, I'll give the CSS version a shot...would just be easier doing it if I could see how you intend for everything to look.
Hi everyone- thx for your suggestions. I don't have the site up for viewing. The easiest way to explain is that one side of the page will have 16 (1"x1") CD like pictures, and on the other side, and explanation of the work I did concerning those CD's.

I'm not familiar with scripting, but I'm willing to give anything a try.

Thanks again.