I need help with User Permissions


I have a computer that a number of people use. I have a partition set up for OS9 with all of my OS9 applications and documents. Before I had OSX setup on the computer, I was using the multiple users Control Panel and setting up a "Guest" account with minimum privs. They had the Panels and limited applications available to them.

Now that I have OSX installed, the only way that I have been able to not allow them access to the OS9 (And all Classic) is to "Eject" the drive.

When I try to change priviledges under the "Get Info", I get a error code -54. I am thinking that this is for actual file sharing, and I have it off.

Is there any way to limit the access of users from my other partitions? (HFS+) I would like to limit them to certain Classic Applications and limited folders like in the OS9 environment.

I do not know UNIX very well, but I have been around it for about 10 years. But I have never been a UNIX admin even though I have tinkered with it from time to time.

I do know that UNIX is one of the best for setting permissions, and I am suprised that Apple has not worked this out. It would be very simple to have a options setup in the Users System Preferences that would allow access to drives and folders (or not).
maybe a search of 'get info' on versiontracker will help you!

get info (as in the app) is pretty good for basic permission setting if u dont want to 'chmod' the files/directories yourself in the termilal...
Ok, I did what you suggested, and downloaded "Get Info" 0.5 or something like that. It had a very easy setup for chmod, and I went through my entire OS9 harddrive (as admin) and adjusted all of the settings as I wanted.

Then I logged in as the restricted user, and everything was available. I could even delete parts of the system folder!!!

This is obviously not working, so I think that I will reformat the drive (again) and start over with OSX and OS9 on the same partition.
wait, you logged in as limmited user in os 9 or x ? if in 9 then i doubt anything (maybe os 9.2) will solve it. they are different os.s os 9 is a sad multiuser system completely different than osx if in os x then get info will only help in osx and not after you touched the file in os 9.1 os 9 f**** up your settings and u use get info to or the terminal to chmod the files, u might have to sudo (login as root while still logged-in as you) and chmod... i hope i have that right and it makes u understand something.
No. What I was describing with OS9 was how it was setup before I installed OSX. In fact, I have been having too much fun with OSX that I haven't even tried Classic yet!

I just downloaded Super Get Info... we will see if that works better this time.
Here's a quick way to disallow users to look through drives other than the startup OS X drive. Open the terminal, and type these commands:
cd /Volumes
sudo chown username ./*
(Replace username with your administrator username.)
sudo chmod 700 ./*

This will give you, and only you, total access to the other partitions. Nobody else will be able to touch them.