I need Mac OS X 10.1 baaad!


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Anyone know where I can DL (yes I have DSL) the 10.1 GM build? I tried a kind soul's ftp and lost my connection before it was done (damn). Can't seem to get through again. Any other Angels out there?
I'm in Sweden (could affect the speed, kinda... :)) but I'll gladly start up a Carracho server tonight if you'd like to d/l it. Mail me.
All the Hotline servers download at like 1K/sec. We need a GOOD FAST place to download it.
ill try to set up an ftp, but my isp might screw me , ill say the top d/l speed you will get is , well i can give a max of 1mb , but i dont know what you can do. let me ask some people
I work at an ISP - therefore I can make it available to a limited number of people on very high bandwidth - but I need a copy first

Count your blessings.....

I live in remote Juneau, Alaska. I was upset because the upgrade I ordered from Apple today will be here in 2-3 weeks according to Apple.

Apple doesn't even regard a long time Juneau Apple dealer as legitimate. Apple, according to the local store, told the story that the free upgrades would be sent in two to three weeks. I ask the salesperson if she meant the upgrade that one would purchase, she said no - the free upgrade. No word on the upgrade that one could purchase

The other Apple retailer, has yet to get word on when any upgrade will be sent

I think were going to loose our second dealer, unfortunately

Fortunately, then I remembered my brother-in-law works near the Moscone Center where Seybold is held. He's going to drop by and grab a copy for me and mail it to me tomorrow.

If you have a friend who works in SFO, you might be able to get a copy that way too.

Good luck!