I need Mac OS X 10.1 baaad!


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Anyone know where I can DL (yes I have DSL) the 10.1 GM build? I tried a kind soul's ftp and lost my connection before it was done (damn). Can't seem to get through again. Any other Angels out there?


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I'm in Sweden (could affect the speed, kinda... :)) but I'll gladly start up a Carracho server tonight if you'd like to d/l it. Mail me.


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All the Hotline servers download at like 1K/sec. We need a GOOD FAST place to download it.


ill try to set up an ftp, but my isp might screw me , ill say the top d/l speed you will get is , well i can give a max of 1mb , but i dont know what you can do. let me ask some people


I work at an ISP - therefore I can make it available to a limited number of people on very high bandwidth - but I need a copy first



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Count your blessings.....

I live in remote Juneau, Alaska. I was upset because the upgrade I ordered from Apple today will be here in 2-3 weeks according to Apple.

Apple doesn't even regard a long time Juneau Apple dealer as legitimate. Apple, according to the local store, told the story that the free upgrades would be sent in two to three weeks. I ask the salesperson if she meant the upgrade that one would purchase, she said no - the free upgrade. No word on the upgrade that one could purchase

The other Apple retailer, has yet to get word on when any upgrade will be sent

I think were going to loose our second dealer, unfortunately

Fortunately, then I remembered my brother-in-law works near the Moscone Center where Seybold is held. He's going to drop by and grab a copy for me and mail it to me tomorrow.

If you have a friend who works in SFO, you might be able to get a copy that way too.

Good luck!