I need OCR software to archive documents for my small business, any ideas?


I am in the process of organizing years of documents and making an archive. I was told that I need good and fast OCR software in order to speed up the process. What are some OCR applications that you would recommend? The free software is slow and rather inaccurate. Thanks a bunch


No, VueScan includes OCR along with loads of really fine scan options and it is really reasonable - but buy the Pro version.

Randy Singer

All of the above mentioned OCR programs are decent, but not great. Unfortunately, the best OCR program for the Mac is no longer available for recent versions of OS X (though it is still available for Windows) and that's OmniPage Pro.

The ideal is to have the formatting of the original document, no matter how complex, preserved. There are about 20 different OCR programs for the Mac (I can send anyone who wants it, a list of them), but currently the best one is:

ABBYY FineReader Express (about $100)

$63 from: