I need Password help


I'm a Microsoft Sys Admin but new to Mac. I just received an old iBook from the school I teach at (running OS X), and it does not require me to log on to access any files or applications. However, today when I tried to play a DVD for the first time, it required that I set my drive region code, and in order to do this it asked for a password to the "iBook G4 1" user account that is located on the laptop.

I have no idea what that password would be. Is there any way to reset this. I'm not sure what level of authority I have on this laptop, and wasn't aware that i was going to be denied access to anything.

Any suggestions on where I can find the password or how to hack my way in somehow?

Thanks in advance.
That'd be the administrator user's password. Guess it's set up so at login you don't need to give the pw. You can boot from the installation media. There's some options there that should help you.