I need to remove a corrupted email account


I was just told by my hosting provider that I need to reach out to apple support because they can't help me with 3rd party issues. And the issue is their hosting service screwed up the account.

I am getting a message : "These settings are installed by the profile (email address) configuration" I see no "profile configuration" in settings (according to a google search if there was a profile setting on the phone I'd see it)

I can send messages from the phone but cannot receive.
The incoming is set correctly but I cannot edit it.
When I hold the email address down, I do not get "delete account" as a choice.
It's all working fine on the computer, so we know the settings are correct.

What do I do next?
Can you explain a bit more in detail?

Was your iPhone initially configured using MDM? If so, I think (I have not been using MDM for a while), the account needs to be removed using MDM.

‘When I hold the email address down, I do not get "delete account" as a choice.’
I don’t understand what you are doing here.

Did you try removing rhe account using:

iPhone | Settings | Mail | Accounts, select the account to remove and click ‘Remove account’
Thanks for responding. I'll try and clarify. When I said, "I hold the email address down," it's an attempt to delete (it's Delete not remove on my phone) the account as you have written. That does not work.
The choice to "Remove" or "Delete" does not appear.

I have no idea what MSM is. I am a civilian :)

But, if this helps. All five of the other email accounts work fine. They are either gmail or accounts through the cable service that are set up through Apple Mail. This is a branded account, meaning it is my address associated with my @jamesgangcreative.com account. So, I had to use "other" vs all the simplified versions.

The backstory, in a nutshell, is that I had to migrate my email account within the host in order to take advantage of a special "flash" sale they had (annual of $60 vs what I was paying, $300 a year). So, whatever happened in that process, is what has caused the email account to go bad.

So, the question is, how do i remove the email account from my phone not using the normal process that "just simply" removes the account as you noted. Of course, I did that first. That's easy peasy. That's in the instructions. That's in the manual (that doesn't exist) :)

In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to add a new server and see if once I do that I can associate that outgoing server with the existing email account on the phone.

I turned off all the synching and I have actually removed the account from my iPad. I am going to turn off the account on the computer and turn off the wifi and see if I can do something with it.
I don't know if you're still looking for a resolution, but I just had the same issue with trying to delete an email account that DID NOT have the delete button, but DID have the words "these settings are installed by the profile ***** email setup".

Nothing I Googled had the equivalent settings in iOS 15, but I did stumble into Settings -> General -> VPN & Device Management ... and there was a profile tied to the above, which I was able to delete ... which also deleted the mail account at the same time.