I neeeed a management sim!


Since upgrading to OSX and dumping Classic I can't play SimCity 3 or Tropico, and am tired of The Sims after 2 solid years of relentlessly abusing it (and them ;) ) and Ijust read about Ninja Bee's Outpost Kaloki but it's only for PCs at the moment. :( Though they do say it's coming soon to Macs... We'll see!

Anyone got any other suggestions, both net download types, and boxed store types (but not too intensive as I'm only a G3 600mhz, 640MB ram iBook!)

Simcity 4 and The Sims 2 should both be out around about now. I'd check the requirements on those, as they might or might not be too demanding.

One that I've been playing a lot lately is Zoo Tycoon ... though I get the impression the play-life on that is a little limited. Its very good fun for a few weeks though after that you'll put it away.
Yeah I heard baaaad things about the port on SC4, almost as bad as the things I heard about the port on SC3 ;)

I reckon the Sims2 will be a resource DOG and not to be played on a G3... I was thinking something more lowkey though, Zoo Tycoon might be it!
I don't know what you heard about SC 4, but i find it a fun game to play every once in a while. and if you get the rush hour expan. it lets you actually drive the planes, trains, boats and cars.
I bet it's great fun when it runs well, but I heard that it was not a great port and takes a huge amount of grunt to guarantee it running smoothly once your city starts to get big.

Unfortunately, much as I'm a HUGE fan of SimCity, I don't have a lot of grunt for the new version, see above! If only SC3 ran in OSX (I don't have classic).

it's times like this that I wish I could write code. When I saw this thread, I thought it meant that there was 'managment sim' as if someone had made the movie Office Space into a sim game...as long as they got Mike Judge to help write it, that would be awesome!

sorry, very off-topic!:(