I photowon't respond


I have a Maxosx5.2, after some trouble with Adobe Photoshop elements, which I have now removed all trace of while I await the new version Adobe is apparently sending me, I now cannot get my I photo to respond. A disk utility verification states it cannot verify the photos... any suggestions the beach ball just keeps turning and turning.


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Hilaire, I have some questions to ask:

  • Can you copy/post the Disc Utility Verification report here, please?
  • Had you previously used iPhoto without any issue after and before you removed Adobe PSE?
  • What issues had you been experiencing with Adobe PSE?

Here are some things you can try:

  • Try launching iPhoto from the Apps folder.
  • Do you manage your photo collection yourself or have you checked the option to have iPhoto Copy the photo to it's own Library?
  • Try to launch iPhoto while holding the Option key where you are offered the choice to choose which Library to open, then navigate to your Pictures Directory ~> iPhoto Library, and select it to see whether it launches (Thumbnail 1)
  • Try lauching iPhoto while holding the Option + Command (Apple) keys which normally launches iPhoto and offers you a range of options, one of which is to Rebuild the iPhoto Library (Thumbnail 2).


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