I seem to have lost my shell - HELP!!!


Logged out and ran OS 9 for a few hours. When I looged back into OSX, i can't run any terminal apps, it says it can't finds /bin/tcsh and to make sure it is there and enabled or something similar.

Okay so how do I look around the file system with a shell?

Can someone help, or suggest where to start looking please!!

I had a similar problem, but mine shows ‘process complete’ when I open a shell, now I don’t know if this is the best fix but It does give you something to play with, change your shell from tcsh to sh under the prefs, this is a simple shell but it works and will let you into the system. The only other way I found to look around the computer is with the text editor or you can ftp in (telnet doesn’t work ‘cause it to uses tcsh), if you do get in you may find that tcsh is 0k, ( and a few other vital files in there as well). Try to copy these files back from the cd, good luck,
Zed out.