I set up a Carracho server with the Update


The update is intended to be for legal owners of Mac OS X 10.0.x only. I do not take any responibility for missuse!! IP`s will be logged!!

PM me for access info. Due to speed limitations I can only supply two downloads at a time. My outgoing linespeeds supports about 128kbit/second (40kb throughput)

Let me know if u think I should just permit one d/l at a time

Only users whos linespeed supports 20/40kb throughput per second should download at this time. Slower connections might get kicked.

after that I run the risk that AT&T will shut my line down. They dont like servers on their cheap cable lines :)

I have the update on an ftp server. Message me and I'll give out the address and login info to limited numbers of people at a time.
maybe more people will follow this example of a low user private FTP or Carracho server. That way everybody will get a chance to download the Update.
You're using AT&T Cable?

Have you been able to get DynDNS or DNS2GO to work with your setup?

I'm trying to setup a small test Web Server off of my Cable line, using DynsDNS or DNS2Go, but haven't had any luck.

Does your AT@T cable modem pull and IP address from AT@T by itself? If so, it is most likely always the same address. Mine changes maybe every few month, if that often, thus I dont realy need a dynamic DNS host.
If your setup requires you to use PPoE software, or any type of "dialer", then your address probably changes more often.

As for the CD-R question, the image is intended to be burned on a CD, but someone else posted that he/she also got the installation to work from a HD partition.

I believe my cable modem pulls the IP address from AT&T by itself. I'm guessing this because I don't have to enter any address in to the DHCP settings. It just sets itself up.

So, have you been able to use DynDNS or DNS2Go?
I usually tell people the IP address to connect to, as that virtually always stays the same. If you need to have a name resolved for the IP adress the services that you mentioned are the only ones that I can think of, but I never tried them with OS X. Theres also a couple of providers, that host a regular, static, DNS record for your domain name. You could probably use one of those, since your IP adress is most likely "very little dynamic".

For the guys who download the CD image:

You might want to check out the thread "about the 10.1 image..." on this site, as there seem to be various issues with it.

my upload bandwidth is simply not enough :( I will keep the server up untill tomorrow around 6:30pm EDT. A few people mentioned that they will put the update on their carracho/ftp servers. Ill get with them once i shut my server down.

And Zakee22...send me a message, so that u can finish your download. Carracho`s reliability sucks :). My server runs without glitches, my cablemodem runs fine, but people keep getting disconnected for no reason.