I simple OS X question.


When u install it does it earase all of your old applications and prefs from MacOS 9? Mainly i want to know if it reformate you hard drive? Well thanks for the help.
No. It moves all your OS9 stuff into a folder (at least the beta did) Installation is really very easy
I am agree with Admiral that Backup is ALWAYS a good thing, unless you don't have important datas...

I am sure Apple will provide documentation and information on your problem in the Mac OS X box...
I've backed up and wiped several times now, going through the various builds -- make sure to back up! Let yourself start with a clean partition. Although it's not necessary, it greatly increases your chances of leading a normal life post-install.

What's a good approach if you have two drives? Keep 9.1 on one drive and X on the other? Any issues changing startup drives with that kind of config? Or should I plan on partitioning both drives?

I have a 30G drive waiting to be installed - it'd be nice to have a plan going in...
Originally posted by dilvish
Or should I plan on partitioning both drives?

Hmm...I don't think you need to partition both drives. If it's convenient to keep a 9.1 system on one and X on the other, that would make sense to me. Startup Disk, which switches between bootable volumes, will scan your SCSI and other ports, so it will find other physical drives as well.

Any dissenting opinions?
Startup Disk will scan all drives that are compatible. That's important. I don't have 100% confidence in X's ability to recognize non-standard hardware...at least not yet. Best to check against the list of X-approved devices.
Well, we have OS 9.1 on our 30 gig drive and MacOS X PB on our 20 gig drive. apples new startup disk control panel (the one in 9.1) has no probllem switching and will even let you pick what system folder on the same disk to boot off.