I smell a windows copy


I was a Windoze user for a very long time. One of the things that drove me nuts was the taskbar. I don't want that window to turn into a button. I need that space.
Just turn on "Auto-hide" they said. So I did. Then the bloody thing popped up when I needed something at the bottom.
In OS 8 and 9, I hade a nice menu that would hide that program.
In OS X, that bloody taskbar is back. Except this time it's translucent and pretty. I say bring back the task list, and the control strip for that matter.
Right on, I think we should help out to make Mac OS X the best OS ever released and so far, im convinced it is:D
The windows task bar is a copy of the NeXT dock and (in some ways) the CDE dock (which was also a copy of the NeXT dock). Lets see NeXT dock, ca. 1989, Windows tasksbar, ca. 1995. the only problem I had with it was it being at the bottom center, but I have mine to the right at the top now. I do think it is in poor taste to give Microsoft credit for something that they didn't come up with in the first place and then accuse Apple of copying a concept they bought with NeXT.